Serendipitous stereo pairs


Every now and then, a kite aerial photograph session will yield stereo photographs. Proper stereo images are taken with a pair of linked cameras. These serendipitous pairs are images taken in quick sequence with a single camera. Small movements due to the vagaries of the kite provide the small offset needed for stereo.

Seeing the stereo ‘pop’ requires you to cross your eyes to align the two images. This is much easier for me to do with the larger vresion of the images (click on the image).

stereo tracks sm

Plan view of the old, derelict railroad trestle that spans the Corte Madera creek and marsh. The trestle is about ten feet above the marsh grass. The pilings to the right of the rail tracks once supported a second set of tracks.

stereo boardwalk sm

The Greenbrae Boardwalk as seen from its western end. Corte Madera Creek flows by to the left.

One Response to “Serendipitous stereo pairs”

  1. Cris Says:

    A couple of folks have asked about how to look at these image pairs.

    Viewing stereo pairs without a special apparatus requires shifting your eyes from their normal alighnment. My images are cross-eyed stereo (the other mode is wall eyed). Here are a couple of URLs containing pointers:




    Some folks find this easy to do and others virtyually impossible. It helped me to put aside my mother’s admonition that my eyes would become stuck (they will not) and to just relax while waiting for the stereo image to emerge. It always seems to take a little bit of time as your brain rewires a few of the perception substations.

    Hope it works for you. If it does, my favorite KAP stereo pair is here: