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I like the 'special effect' of the GoPro, but sometimes you might prefer a more natural view...
I discovered that Hugin (free panorama software) can be used for this. Some of you GoPro KAPers might want to give it a shot?

An example can be found here


  • PTGui (andn I'm sure other packages) will also handle the transformation between fisheye and rectalinear projections (and many other projections that life is just too short for!)
  • This is a very interesting and timely discussion. I have just tried some experiments with Hugin, PTGui, MS ICE and the "old reliable" Autostitch. The stitching results -- at least with my not-very-technical testing -- are superior using ICE and Autostitch. Call me lazy, but it just seems easier to throw in images, sit back, and get a wonderful result.

    Admitedly, rectilinear camera distortion from the GoPro is not handled as well as the examples. Can someone explain just how the distortion is removed with Hugin? I can find zero tutorials on the subject and the user interface in the program doesn't easily point in the right direction.

    For now, I use a plug-in in Photoshop called Altostorm Rectilinear Panorama which does a wonderful job of removing distorion from the GoPro. Alas, it does cost a wee bit.

    Can someone explain - or provide a link - how to use the Hugin program to remove distortion?

  • GIMP, which is free, has a lens distortion filter (in Filters>Distorts). If you take a test shot with parallel vertical and horizontal lines, close to the edges of the image, you can by making small incremental adjustments soon find the right correction to apply to the lens. Next time thats all you need to remember. Works well with a 28mm equivalent not sure how well it would cope with the wider GoPro but worth a go.

  • Hi Fellows,

    I wrote a small tutorial about 'correcting' GoPro images with Hugin. Feedback is welcome.

    Cheers, Hans.
  • Excellent, Hans! Works wonderfully. THANK you!
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    Found this thread a bit late in the day : I have a quick walk through in Lightroom here:


    Personally, I hate the 'bug eyed' view...if god had wanted me to see like a fish he'd never have given me a kite!

  • "If god had wanted me to see like a fish he'd never have given me a kite!"

    Taken out of the context of this forum, that statement might be a little hard to understand. (hee hee)
  • Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Hans.

    Now has anyone applied the lens correction and then applied to the 3D modelling discussion??!!
  • You could also try the Fisheye Distortion adjustment in PTLens.
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    I had a look at PT lens and they havn't listed the GoPro as a profile but I expect you could tell it f=16mm or f=6mm as required.I don't run TP Lens but I believe PTGui has the same profiles in it and it does a good job with the Nikkor 10.5mm fish. I suppose the next question to ask is how to map out the edge distortion caused by the correction of fish eye views- any ideas?

    Perhaps I meant to say:"If God had wanted me to see like he fish he'd never have let my camera see like a bird!"
  • GoPro image of cm grid GoPro image rectified by Hugin

    Geometric correction goes quite well with the OSS Hugin. Best result is obtained by choosing a 'circular fish eye' lens of 15.6 mm. For a 'normal' output choose 'rectilinear' projection an play with the fov slides.

    For a more artistic description see this small tutorial
  • Looks like 15.6mm is getting close to a precise value, it will be interesting to see how a refined value of the focal length will improve the correction and any subsequent stitching.
  • Now has anyone applied the lens correction and then applied to the 3D modelling discussion??!!
    I think this might be hard. The GoPro uses a rolling shutter, which will distort the pictures when there is motion during acquisition.
    In the 3d moddeling the "distortion" is used to extract the 3d model. So..

    I noticed that stitching spherical panoramas is much harder with my GoPro than i expected and i am starting to think that the rolling shutter is the cause for that as well.
  • Try Panini at - I cant post a link, its not allowed in the T&C of Panini as its only in Beta and therefore Free at the moment.
  • Lightroom 4 can get hand grenade close using the profile: Sigma DC 4.5
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