Nokia 808 PureView: a 41 MP camera phone

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    And here we go: 38MP samples from the camera.

    Not bad...
  • SWEET!

    It blows me away that every surface is aspheric. It's like they dropped the problem into Zemax and just said "Solve". I'd love to see the lens prescription they wound up with.

    And thanks for posting the 38MP image link! Nothing like seeing the full-sized beastie to evaluate a camera.

    I noticed the camera runs Symbian. Development apparently pre-dated Nokia's decision to move to Windows.

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    You're correct: The Inside Story of Nokia
  • A bit more on this interesting camera phone here.

    This is so small a package...with impressive video...heck I could put 4 of these on a KAP rig facing each compass heading for some fast auto giga KAP. No way a helicopter could sneak up on me again without being seen ;-)

  • Insane samples!
  • I wonder if they've considered taking the phone out of it.
  • This would have been grand Meego-phone. Think all the stuff you could have done with those excess pixels.

    BTW, I tried to make a HDR-camera from a Symbian phone recently, but alas, the Python for Symbian did not allow adjusting exposure levels.

    Windows is probably even less user-programmable, no need for that, because every possible option is catered in the (future & imaginary) app-store by Microsoft-certified programmers.
  • Timonoko, don't even get me started on the Maemo/Meego Nokia fiasco... it still hurts. :(

    Python on Symbian for photography... that hurts even more! I wrote a full KAP app for the Nokia N8 in PyS60, but the Python camera library would not use autofocus or take pictures or video in high resolution. I spent months (hundreds of hours) trying to fix those and other problems and managed to get everything to work, except for the fact that the app would randomly crash (sometimes after taking the 1st pictures, but usually only after taking more than a hundred)...

    To adjust exposure and much more, give the fastcamera module a try. If it doesn't provide you with what you want, at least you can try to expand it (since the source code is included). OTOH, it doesn't allow you to record video (IIRC).
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    In defense for Python for Symbian -- it really works splendidly in 2009-era phones. I have completed huge GPS-application with various marinecharts, topomaps and MarineTraffic, all tailored for my own selfish purposes, for kayaking around Scandinavia. Has not crashed once.
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    I flew my Nokia Lumia phone for the first time today.
    Here is a 38MP image in flat lighting, as it came from the camera, taken at 1/1000 sec and ISO 100:

    Original file here:

    For resolution, the mast on the horizon is a good guide but the overall image is not too pleasing. I do not think the sky was that colour!
    I much prefer my 20MP Sony Z3 compact phone, which is the same size as the Lumia but without the protruding lens.
  • I could not make sense of the variation in sharpness/contrast across the above image. Close inspection revealed a smear on the lens window. Some ground shots then demonstrated uniform clarity.
    I will fly the camera phone again soon.
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