DIY PVC PAP Rig Roof Rack Case

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Since there a number of PAP'rs on the forum, I thought I would post my new method of storing my carbon pole during transit. It's a PVC Pipe painted black and mounted to a Yakima rack, which is secured. Now I always have my pole with me, and it's not rattling around the back with the dogs.

DIY PAP PVC Roof Rack Case

Details on roof rack case here.


  • I like the results! Great idea to make a permanent case so you always have it with you.
  • I find having a small car stops it rattling around, mine just fits in on a diagonal :-)
  • Very beautiful, elegant solution! I will copy (if you don't mind) -- and adapt security lock features somehow to my my OEM minivan roof rack. So sad to need locks at all.
  • The cross bars on your super-manly awesome minivan should be able to use something like this:

    Roof Rack Clamps


    ROLA Roof Rack Accessory

    Making mine lock-able keeps the honest people honest. If someone wants to see what's inside the PVC that bad, then hopefully they try and take it while on my property in front of cameras. Castle laws in Wisconsin prevent me doing anything more devious. :)
  • Thanks Mike -- really like the first set in your links. Don't know how manly my van is with 262K miles on it, but it is all I have. My KAP and PAP equipment is easily worth more than the vehicle that carries them. Hopefully robbers would be put off from approaching my little van anyway. :-0
  • Nice idea, and very well made. Like to cases for gear you blog about too by the way, looks very sturdy!
  • I've made a large tube rack in years past for multiple kites and am constructing another in preparation for the WA State International Kite Fest coming up this month (perhaps with some empty room in order to bring home a new kite or two). I'm using a 6" PVC drain pipe with an end cap and a screw type clean out adapter cleanout.jpg
    I made a wooden cap wrench last time and just torqued the cap on for security (again, only keeps he honest people honest). If I lost or misplaced that wrench I'd have been in trouble and would like to come up with a real lock this time without compromising the water seal. I'm going to see if I can find an O-ring to fit in this cap and then with a glued on front cap I should be good at scuba depth (I live in Western WA, this is a practical thing, it's been known to rain here sometimes).
    Good to hear this will take paint, I wasn't sure. I'll match my rack more to be less conspicuous than anything else.
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    Info Needed! Apologies for reviving an older PAP-related thread, but I need a bit of help if anyone can chime in...

    Does anyone here have a roof mount trolley, either commercial or DIY, or know someone who has? I have built the PubUltraStar tube shown above and it is wonderful for carrying a portable pole and my larger long rolled kites, too. Perfect in fact for my Ford Escape (Maverick ? in Europe). (Sold my minivan with only 263,000 miles on it.) However, I do also have a pretty large Clark mast I would love to have on the car top as well, to pull back and swing down to a hitch setup device. How cool would that be!

    I have looked for various trolley systems to purchase or emulate but have encountered two MAJOR problems: The trolleys are prohibitively expensive to purchase and ship, and I cannot find ANY close-up details of their construction. I just need to see how the moving trolley portion is typically made and how it articulates while holding he mast when swinging down/being being deployed.

    The simplist solution for me is to build one of these with metal channel, skate wheels and whatever. So....could any of the PAPers here provide a photo or diagram ...or two?

    Again, please forgive me for asking here and taking up space in the KAP forum for a PAP problem, but you guys are the most inventive, creative and helpful group around. Many thanks.

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