New Canon Mirrorless Camera

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Keep your eyes open for this new Canon Mirrorless camera announcement ....on Monday...?



  • It looks like a real light weight camera look forward to hearing more about this camera
  • Canon seem to realize there's a market for cameras like this.
  • The Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera has been announced.

    Looks like good KAP potential. Need CHDK / SDM (down the road).

    Can use lots of very fine Canon interchangeable glass with this camera body.

    Very similar to the Sony NEX line....looks like Canon's response to the very popular Sony line.

  • Canon has now announced the EOS-M. The camera has an APS-C sensor (nice) but I wish they were starting with a wider prime lens than the 22mm. It can mount EF and EFS lenses with an adapter.
  • 35 mm equivalent. If I had to pick just one lens for KAP or anything else it would be 35 mm. The body is a bit heavy though - 402 g with battery.
  • I'd agree with Cris. Somewhere in the range of 24mm-to-28mm would be more preferable to me for KAP. For anything else, I prefer my beloved "normal" 50mm. As for the weight, it's lighter than the G1X (at 534g)!
  • I had figured the weight with battery at 382 g, still hefty I admit.
  • See camera comparisons here:
    - Canon EOS 4Ti
    - Canon EOS M
    - Canon S100 - now with CHDK...soon full SDMS ;-)
    - Sony NEX-5
    - Sony NEX-7

    All nice cameras!

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    Wind Watcher, has CHDK/SDM ever been done for any interchangable lens cameras?

    just thinking the wait might be fairly long.

    also noticed that is uses the Canon RC-6 infra-red remote control.
  • Hamish,

    Lots of work on the DSLR front with CHDK / SDM.

    See this link to get started.

    Too much weight to put on my kite line for now....sticking with the S95, Hero2 and NEX-5 and soon S100 for now.

  • And for DSLR's (Canon, again) is Magic Lantern

    See: Wiki and Official? site

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    @Hamish, also most DSLRs are usually easily trigger-able and most Nikon's have built-in intervalometer, or can be enhanced with a small accessory; hence, there is less interest to add additional features (many people might disagree).

    And thanks for the Infrared find. Now we know we could use Gentled/CAMremote to trigger.
  • Now available for pre-order at B&H. $799 with a 22mm f/2 lens. 367 grams. I almost wished I hadn't sprung for the NEX5-N.
  • Just purchased the Canon and can't wait to get it in the air with the rig it weighs in at 717gr (25.3oz) as compare to my D5100 rig at 1.175Kg (41.4oz).
  • Still have not put it up in the air yet but have taken some photographs with it and the quality is great the focuing is slow. Here is a sample image from the ground.
    Jetti Light at the mouth of Patchogue River, NY
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    Is anyone aware of progress on CHDK for the Eos m?

    I have been looking at the G1x ( 534g) as an AutoKAP donkey but have noticed the Eos m has the same sensor for less weight (286+103 for the 22mm pancake= 389g). I see CHDK is available for other Eos models.

    It's a tad more expensive than the G but the weight is attractive...I see Magic Latern an Alpha firmware replacement for it but I'd like to know if anyone has got it working for KAP...if I know there was an intervalometer for it I'd definitely join the Eos M club!


  • Bill

    I know very little about Magic Lantern (though I did write a Mac utility - MacBOOT - for it), but an intervalometer is one of the key features, so if there's a Magic Lantern port for the Eos M, it will have that capability.

    One big difference between Magic Lantern and CHDK/SDM is that it has no scripting capability - all the features are accessed via menus.
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    Thanks's a goer then. All I need to do now is get the best price I can .....

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    ...£380! My experience in comparing the APSC sized mirrorless (Leica X1) with and APSC sized DSLR (Nikon D5100) is that the IQ is about the same with poorer autofocus and glass choice on the X1. The Eos m is not as light as the Leica xI but much lighter (& cheaper) than the cute Fuji x100...and with some interesting glass options too.

    Let's see how she flies: my idea is to dedicate it to autoKAP 'cos of the Magic Lantern intervalometer, that way I can get a rig aloft at 460g shooting decent res. panos. The battery only needs to run as long as the rubberband does!

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    I have been KAPing with the EOS-M with both lenses using a modified brooxe rig and triggering it with a GentLED Auto and have been very happy with the results.
    Beach & Houses at Wading River Panorama, NY
    After reading the last few comments before mine I install the Magic Lantern fimware, it install fine but I am unable to access there menu for some reason. Need to research it more.
    Canon EOS-M Brooxe KAP Rig

    The above unit has been modified a little bit since this image and weighs about 22 ounces with the 22mm lens and 18 ounces with my vertical rig.

    I also never KAPed with the Panasonic GX1 which is a wonderful camera but I had to use a wired vello intervalometer which made my rig heavier so I never used it because of the weight and sensor size micro 4/3rds vs APS-C (EOS-M & NEX-5N)
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    Nice set up, Nriverajr!

    625g is reasonable. Good results too.

    Shame about the Magic Lantern though, it looks like the alpha is being tweaked quite a bit so I'm hoping I'll get a clean install on mine when it gets to me. The start up method for ML is a bit strange compared to CHDK ..the FAQ says you have to turn off the Canon menus and then hit delete- both are counter intuitive operations!

    APSC size sensor is better than 2/3rds from the resolution point of view for sure.

    The camera looks like a real bargain for the sensor size and weight!

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    Nriverajr: just spotted this on the ML forum, not sure how helpful it is:

    Question: "Just loaded ML on my EOS M. It seems to have loaded ok and can see the overlay.
    I tried the trash button to bring up the ML menu but no luck
    I know this seems simple. how do I open the ML menu? can't find it anywhere"

    Answer: "tap 2 fingers on the screen at the same time ;) 1 finger tap is same as Q, to open submenus."

    I'm assuming this is for a 'nightly build' release.

    You'd never guess would you!

  • Thanks Bill for the info the two finger tap worked, I was trying everything even tapping twice with one finger who would guess you needed two fingers. I tried out the intervalometer and it works so my rig will be an ounce less then it is now, I really appreciate your help and looking forward to getting the EOS-M in the air.
  • Cool...looks like it really is a goer!
  • magic lantern is a unforgiving firmware, you have to do things in the correct sequence or it will lock up on you I have notice but, nothing to worry about remove the battery and place it back in will reboot the camera.
  • It's been a fun week figuring out Magic Lantern and the mysteries of the Eos menus, not to mention the tedious waits for sunlight and wind but the Eos M is proving its worth: At 480g I now have a lighter option for lighter winds: I can fly it in 7 mph under a 1.6 rok.
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    Blake, I Tried out the ML intervalometer for the Canon EOS-M w/22mm lens on a vertical rig weighing in at 580g on April 20. I was hoping for good results but, the results where a mix bag. I was happy the intervalometer worked but the setting for 2 seconds did not match up to the amount of images I got which was 244 averaging out to 5 seconds between images not 2 seconds. When I retrieved the camera from the line it was still shooting so I assume the intervalometer was not working properly but after reading your blog I realize it must have been the focusing that lengthen the time between shots. The camera settings were as follows I was in TV mode shooting 1/1000, AF was in FlexiZone - Multi. Out of 244 images only 11 images where out of focus which I don't consider that bad, I was not disappointed but I was not wowed by it either. As compared to the setup I had before this using a gentLED-auto I definitely got more shots a lot less blurred shots with the 22mm and no blurred shots with 18-55mm lens which I will be going back too it only makes my rig .25g heavier.
    I think this camera is good but it's focusing speed prevents it from being a great camera.
    Here is an image from that day:
    Long Beach, Couple by Jetti at Long Beach Blvd., NY
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    I concur, the AF is awful. Using Magic Lantern in MF, taped to infinity it's a good un, though. Like the Leica X1 the AF is its weakness, also like the X1 ISO seems to be the way to control it: with a CPL filter at ISO 800 it does the biz:

    I would say the mirrorless family of cameras just don't behave like their DSLR parents nor like their point and shoot cousins! They have great potential but it takes a bit of practice to realise it.
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    New firmware 2.02 which adresses the AF issue is now released by Canon:

    I nave been using this camera as an AutoKAP 'donkey' for a while now and the results are pretty good, particularly in low light (ISO 6400):


    I'll see if the AF is improved by firmware 2.02 as the weather far its working well, I'd say its about twice as fast. I have found it fails as it swings about on the picavet so 2.02 needs to fly to see if the hit rate is improved...

    MG 5213-2

    ...yep it's definitely better!

    These cameras are going from around £350 now, a very good price for an APSC format camera weighing 390g.

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