Mike Jones 8' Rok

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It's here! After a long hard week on the road for business I came home to this beauty! What a nice surprise.
Mike committed to getting this to me in time for next weeks WA International Kite Festival and he came through in spades.
Well worth the wait...I'm already thinking she needs a little sister, a 5 footer perhaps? :)
Hopefully I'll get her in the air today.
Mike Jones 8' Rok


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    Congratulations, Ric! You have the Gold Standard of Roks IMHO. On the 5-footer...my guess would be that is for a lot stronger breeze, right? Never really thought about that. What are your thoughts/purposes regarding the smaller rok?

    I can't wait to hear about and see your resulting flying and photos with your new treasure.
  • Frankly Phil I really don't need one. I've got a 78" Premier and a smaller Shanti Rokkaku already. Neither are nearly as nice as this one. I do think however it would be fun to have a smaller version of the same design and maybe I'll be ready to sew something that fancy by the end of winter this year...or next.
    I had the virgin flight today in shifty winds around 4-5 mph and after some bridle adjustments and a bit of long lining she was "Rok" steady. I'm excited to fly this in the clean Pacific winds next week and hope for those calm mornings that all fighter kites no matter how big love.
    Jones Rok 8 1st flight
  • That sure is a beautiful kite Ric. Excellent work Mike.

    Ric, has anyone ever told you, you look like Rick Harrison on Pawn Stars?

  • But that guy's bald! Oh yeah...me too :)
  • Hi
    Where can one buy this great 8' Rok?
  • Try Jones Airfoils website for start...
  • It's a great kite. Mike Jones has achieved a fine balance between weight and strength, not to mention suburb detailing :http://billboyheritagesurvey.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/jones-airfoils-8-foot-rok/ worth every penny!
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