Installation of SDM/CHDK on to Canon PowerShot S100 - help please!

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Why do I find this the hardest task in the world? Even with Dave's installer and all the info here, I cannot do it!
Anyone who can provide a brief bullet point as to how to get me up and running will receive the biggest virtual high-5 ever.
I have a 32GB card that has previously been used in a GoPro that I have just wiped clean after my futile attempts to get up and running. SDM is preferred over CHDK but I'm not sure the S100 is SDM ready yet (?).
Please end my suffering!


  • Do you know the firmware version of your camera?
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    It was 1.01b. He's up and running. :) Many thanks to David for SDM and Dave for SDMInst.
  • We're fixed!

    Big thanks to Hussam (High-5 buddy!) for a swift Skype call and a run through on getting the memory card sorted and the relevant background files copied over.

    The problem I had was right at the start with choosing the right SDMInst parameters for the memory card. After that all was plain sailing.

    Tomorrow there are light winds forecast which should make for a great test session with the new beast. I've already seen some fantastic shots with it so have high expectations.
  • So what's the advantage of SDM over CHDK?
  • Andrew - there are two areas in which SDM offers advantages:
    1. a lot of the complexity of CHDK has been removed (far fewer menus and options) so it's much easier to navigate. Of course if something you need or want - lua scripting, games, calendar, file browser etc etc) has been removed this is a disadvantage)
    2. a lot of the things KAPers want have been turned into simple uBASIC commands (see WindWatcher's SDM scripts and compare with is older CHDK ones).
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    Agree with Dave's comments above. Both CHDK and SDM give you great control over the camera controls while in the air through automated KAP scripts.

    While not for everyone....I shoot a mix of of Kite Aerial Video (KAV) and KAP (stills) on just about every flight. The SDM "Shoot_Movie" command makes this easy to mix in video and stills on a single flight. See simple example below.

    The full story of KAP and CHDK/SDM can be view at the link below (warning long and popular post, but lots of good information).

    See detailed post here in the "Old (Classic) forum".

    Note: the script indenting shows up in edit mode but not when posted...



    @title WindWatcher SDM KAP Script WW-S95-2
    @param p # still photos
    @default p 25
    @param z Zoom bracket on=1 or off=0
    @default z 1
    @param v Video V=1 on V=0 off
    @default v 1
    @param d video duration in seconds
    @default d 30

    rem setup
    sleep_for 1000
    set_zoom_speed 10
    set_zoom 0
    sleep_for 1000

    rem loop until we switch off or batteries run out
    while 1
    rem take some stills
    for n = 1 to p
    sleep_for_seconds 1
    next n

    rem possibly take a movie
    if v=1 then shoot_movie_for d
    sleep_for_seconds 2

    rem possibly do a stills zoom bracket
    if z=1 then set_zoom 4
    sleep_for 1000
    for n = 1 to p
    sleep_for_seconds 1
    next n

    rem possibly another movie (while zoomed)
    if v=1 then shoot_movie_for d
    sleep_for_seconds 2

    rem possibly a deeper stills zoom bracket
    if z=1 then set_zoom 8
    sleep_for 1000
    for n = 1 to p
    sleep_for_seconds 1
    next n

    rem and deeper zoomed movie?
    if v=1 then shoot_movie_for d
    sleep_for_seconds 2

    rem undo any zooming before we repeat the whole thing
    set_zoom 0
    sleep_for 1000

  • Thanks Dave and Jim.

    So Jim's script works with Canon S100? and where can I get SDM for Canon S100?
    I'm guessing it's still being tested but is working OK?
  • @ Andrew

    Sorry for slow response, do you still need latest SDM S100 build ?
  • Yes please David.
  • @Andrew

    Did you receive my email requesting the firmware version of your S100 ?
  • No email yet David. I'll PM you an alternate email addresses. Someone else is having trouble emailing me too but it seems to be working for me. Firmware version is 101b. Thanks for persisting
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    Thanks David. Now to try and get it working.

    All good after a few false starts.
  • Hi. I am very excited about trying some experiments with SDM on my s100. I have firmware version 101a. Is there anything, a beta or something to try? I have tried the 101b, but the camera will not boot. Any help or nudge in the right direction is appreciated! thanks
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    Recommend you use Dave Mitchell's CHDK/SDM laoder.

    Note each camera's firmware needs to be checked. CHDK / SDM is NOT available for every firmware version.

    Hang in there....the results are worth the effort.

  • Hi lensmonkey - you will need a 101a build (wrong firmware versions NEVER work) - David Sykes will have to build one for you (I see you've put a request on the SDM forum - David will certainly see it).
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    There is a stable version of CHDK for firmware 101.a see

    Its working fine on my S100.
  • Thanks for the responses! WW, I had used the loader and it revealed no SDM rats :-( Meerstone, I have been using the CHDK 101a firmware to great success in CHDK-what a treat! I tried putting that .Bin onto a card with the SDM common files. CHDK tarted fine. I then loaded script from file " MD_SDM.BAS" and got a "Ubasic 71 parse error." I would be happy to put the time in to build one, but i do not know where to start. I will be researching this, any advice is well received!
  • @lenmonkey- SDM is available for the S100 1.01a firmware as well - send me an email.
  • Although SDM and CHDK both support scripts written in UBasic, SDM has quite a few extra commands which aren't in CHDK (one of the reasons for using SDM, since the extras are very useful for KAP).
  • Hello experts- how and where are scripts such as Wind Watcher's scripts put to the card? And any suggestions for
    sourcing maybe simpler scripts?
    Many thanks!
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    Paul, you put them in the SCRIPTS folder. I know, it is that obvious. So if you want to use Jim's script above you should copy it and paste it into word pad or similar and then save it with a .bas extension (I haven't done this for a while but im sure that is right). Note Dave Michell's warning above. A script written for SDM may not work under CHDK. Put your unlocked card (that already has CHDK or SDM installed) into a card reader. Find the folder by clicking first on the CHDK folder. Then just cut and paste or drag and drop the script that you want to add.

    For a simpler script my S100 101a version of CHDK comes with a few preloaded scripts. I have been using the INTERVAL.BAS and that seems to be working fine. I have been setting it at 2 seconds but haven't had enough flying time with it yet to say if that is a good setting.

    If that still seems a bit complicated I have made a few notes about how to set up and work with this version of CHDK. I can post it as a tutorial if people are interested. I finally got to grips with CHDK when setting it up for my new camera, well at least enough to do the things that I want to do with it,.

  • Martin- thanks. A tutorial would be most appreciated.
  • No problem Paul. I had some time this afternoon so here it is. If any of it needs any extra explanation PM me and I will edit it.

  • Some basic explanations and video here too

  • Thank you both. I'm sure I'll have more questions.....

  • Hi

    I'm looking for a 101a build of SDM for a Canon S100... I appreciate it's not officially released yet... but I've seen a few postings in this thread which suggest a pre-release version may be available? Any advice appreciated.

  • No worries... thanks David.
  • A general comment to any other S100 users who are using WW's kindly shared script listed higher in this thread.
    Has anyone changed the script parameters to adjust the zoom bracket values?
    Jim's values of 1 (widest), 4 and 8 actually have little zoom effect in comparison to the same values applied to the S95 which provided a wide focal range which is something like (35mm film equivalent) of 28mm, 49mm and 88mm (vs 26/30/33mm with the S100) in the same 3 stages.
    I will adjust and add a couple of new bracketing scripts to my card soon enough but I just wondered if anyone had already done so and could recommend some preferred values for a mid and deep zoom setting?
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    I just picked up an S100 with firmware 101b. Where can I get a copy of SDM that is compatible with this?

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