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Following in the footsteps of other UK archaeological charities (having looked at their entries) we have added the West Lothian Archaeological Trust to Wikipedia:
All but one of the photos have been removed within a day and many flags raised for such a short article.
Any comments would be appreciated from more experienced users.


  • The notes on the article say:
    This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.
    This article appears to be written like an advertisement. (November 2012)
    A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. (November 2012)
    The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline. (November 2012)
    This article relies on references to primary sources or sources affiliated with the subject. (November 2012)
    Because Wikipedia attempts to be an impartial definitive source of information, they don't like articles that look like advertisements (first note), they don't like people too close to the subject to contribute too much info (second and forth points), as they can often be biased.

    Articles need to be written with as much factual info as possible, with all facts backed by appropriate sources.

    Hope that helps.
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    And be sure to have a look at the comments on the associated talk page for the article, and use it for discussing content/etc (I see you already have done so).
  • When it comes to kite aerial photography, as applied to archaeology, very few people, if any, are as biased as me ;o)
    But the article is short and simple.
    As I mention on the 'talk page', it may be better just to list the Trust with a single link to the 'official webpage' as other archaeological bodies have done, but I would like the entry to be informative and act as a window into the field.
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    I am afraid I nothing to contribute to the Wiki, but truly respect what you are doing.

    I think if you include some general history of non-invasive archological endeavors and perhaps a bit about the history of KAP where documentary photos are the objective, the notes will go away. Here is a purely random Wiki example (not at all KAP related) that seems to pull it off without such notes.

    Personally, I really like what you have done.
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    Thanks for the suggestions and kind comments.

    The difficulty is in writing about an organisation, rather than a discipline.
    Kite aerial photography already has a page on Wikipedia and there are already pages on the various aspects of archaeology.
    The catch 22 is that if we try to spell out what we do and its importance to archaeology, we are seen to be self-promoting and taking a soapbox stance. So, when we added representative KAP images from the near UV to the thermal infra-red, one of the editors just removed them as, I assume, self promoting spam.
    If we simply posted that we are an archaeology group and just give a link to our webpage, for some archaeological society entries that is acceptable but that would make our entry have even less 'notability' and be of little value.

    One thing that is lacking in Wikipedia is a good selection of kite aerial photographs for free use ( that have been added into the appropriate Wikipedia category:

    We believe that kite aerial photography can play a significant role, especially in the site-specific work of local archaeology groups who can get out to their sites when conditions are ideal, in the same way that it is starting to make an impact as a cheap platform in mapping:
  • John

    it seems to me that the way forward is to produce a Wikipedia entry about the application of KAP to Archaeology (i.e. about the 'discipline') and add pointers on that page to your site (and any others that are relevant). That way those interested in the subject who do a wikipedia search will find the page and thence be led to your site.

    This has worked quite well for several community organisations I'm aware of. They don't have their own wikipedia pages, but they do have lots of wikipedia references. The entry on Transition Towns is an example of what I mean - the page has lots of references to Totnes and Rob Hopkins, but is more about the concept than the organisation.
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    Thanks Dave.
    I was beginning to think that way myself and possibly leaving headed gaps for others to add their bit.
    Alternatively, I could start a new section in an already existing page.
    I will have a look around Wiki.
    Part of the problem is that not many are using KAP overtly, over a broad spectrum of wavelengths. Gert Verhoeven's work on-line was a little limited until he uploaded his papers and we have a few UV/IR KAPers listed on
    I think things are changing but it would be nice to see more academics make their efforts accessible on-line.

    Rosie and I started KAP over 5 years ago and we were inspired and encouraged by many members of this forum. Here in West Lothian, local 'lad' James Gentles had done some wonderful work.

    We were pleasantly surprised with what near IR can do in revealing subsurface features and Jim Knowles' near IR shots of Rufford Abbey are a great example.
    Hamish Fenton has done some wonderful work too.
    Thermal infra-red looks at least as promising, if a little more difficult.

    We set up the Trust in April to formalise our activities, with the hope of eventually applying for funding. Our KAP work this year has been very limited but we have worked to spread the word ;o)
  • Looks like I am late to the party as I checked the article and it looks like you have the issue taken care of. The best part is the linking of the Wiki Commons page to the Wikipedia article. This allows you to lead people to additional images, without violating Wikipedia's guidelines on galleries. If you ever need expert advice in the future, please leave me a message or contact me by email.
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    Thanks Legalmorning. Today is the first time that I have seen your posting!


    West Lothian Archaeology's KAP images on Wikipedia.

    A while back, I thought that things were improving, when one of our KAP images was listed as one of the finest photos on Wikipedia, although not as good as many taken by the members of this forum.

    Today came as a pleasant surprise.
    I was informed by Wikimedia UK that, in August alone, our images had been viewed 169,000 times and used to illustrate Wikipedia articles in 17 different languages.

    So, for those of you who do not mind publishing under a Creative Commons license, posting images on Wikipedia will help promote KAP worlwide, if only the odd aerial photo, here and there, under the entry for a town or monument etc.

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