Changing of the Guard at
  • As of December 31, I am going to retire (for the third time), and leave the retail KAP business.

    I turned 80 in November, and as some of you know, my feet sorta gave up long ago, so I don't fly kites much anymore. Time to do my photography on the ground now.

    Happily, my kits, parts and accessories will still be available through their new home at Great Winds Kite Company in Seattle. Ken Conrad and Suzanne Sadow held my hand when I went into the kite business in the 80s, and Ken is responsible for pushing me into the KAP Kit business in 1999. While they no longer operate a retail store, their sled kits and printed ripstop kites are widely distributed to schools and the outdoor recreation industry. Ken and Suzanne are perfectly suited to take over

    Peter Bults will continue to sell brooxes equipment to Europe and the rest of the world through

    Changing over the website and PayPal accounts and moving stock to Seattle will take a couple of weeks, so the site will be closed for business until mid-January. We'll let you know when is again open for business.

    Thanks to this wonderful KAP community for your support over the years. You're a great bunch, and I've had a stimulating and fulfilling ride with you. But I'm looking forward to having a bit more time without the daily pressures of an online business. I'll still visit the old online haunts, but leave the selling to others.

    chin UP!

  • Have a great retirement. I'm new around these parts but it's pretty clear that you are a very highly respected wise Elder of the KAP community. I have a little black aluminium cross and 2 yellow knobs that I think are brilliant. Cheers.
  • Dear Brooks. Wow! Have a great retirement, I do hope to keep reading your post on the forum!
  • Congrats Brooks. Thank you for all for the support getting into KAP over the past few years. Much appreciated.
  • Brooks,
    I was thinking back to when we first crossed paths and it has to be pushing 25 years ago! Man time flies. Thank you so much for all of the advice, inspiration, connections and kites you have provided to me over the years through your business and involvement with KAP. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it :)

  • You, almost single-handedly, introduced me to KAP and taught me about the equipment needed. I treasure my downloaded copy of the AERIAL EYE publication. My FLED kite is the work-horse in my quiver of kites. My first KAP rig was the Broox HoBEAK with a Pentax Optio s5i; it still works. On a later rig my AuRiCo controller, purchased from you, is safely encased in a box you make available. I am in your debt.

    When you check your business account you will see that I have attempted to be among those final few lucky clients who have benefitted from your online business. If I have been successful you will not have to transfer as much stock to the new operators.

    I am retired from my academic profession. I can vouch for the fact that retirement is just another phase in being engaged with people and the world; it holds great potential and great satisfaction for those who stay as active as they can be.

    Good fortune, and thanks for all you represent to, and in, the KAP community. Enjoy this third retirement!

  • The end of an era!
    I retired 20 years ago and, despite ill health, starting KAP in 2007 made a profound difference to my life and that of my wife Rosie.
    Good luck in your retirement and squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as you can ;o)
  • Wow, We all will miss the Brooks presence in the KAP community. I consider it an honor to have met you at the AKA convention a few years back. The Aerial Eye is a gold mine that you tirelessly put together over many, many years. Your mark on the KAP community and kiting in general will fly for a long, long time. My Brooks BBKK auto KAP rig had a brief Christmas Day Flight....all thanks to you! Enjoy retirement # 3! my wife some times tells me.....go fly a kite!

  • If I were to count the ways in which Brooks has helped, I'd certainly exceed my posting limit. Brooks- you've been a great source of inspiration, help and encouragement, along with the wonderful members of this community. I wish you only the best.
  • Well Brooks best wishes for your third retirement and thanks for everything (which is a lot!).

  • Hi Brooks,

    Many thanks for all input, help and encouragement given in almost 7 years of KAP from Zaandijk, NL. I know you will stay tuned to the KAP community for a long time to come, but you deserve some Out of Office time now.


  • Good luck my friend.......

  • Have a good one Brooks ;-)
  • Thanks for the help and support Brooks, I fly my Brooxes rig with pride!
  • Tear in my eye. But much gratitude. From me and all of my flying compadres. The good news is that I know you will be in the wings for a long while, and always in spirit on the wings of our kites, as they soar, often toward the sun.
    Be well my friend,
    and keep in touch!
  • Good luck and happy retirement.

  • Had it not been for you, Brooks, I certainly would not have progressed along the path of kite aerial photography (and then pole aerial photography). Your initial guidance was exactly what I needed and I couldn't be more satisfied with this hobby, even though I don't participate as much as in the earlier years. Thanks again and good luck.
  • There's no such thing as retirement...
  • Do keep coming in here and sharing your knowledge.
    I really could not have entered this KAP endeavor, were it not for you, my friend.
  • Wow! Thanks, guys! Makes me weepy to read all this...

  • Brooks, congratulations on your well-earned retirement and it's great to hear that the legacy will continue into the future.

  • Well-earned is right. Brooks, thanks for everything. And enjoy every minute of your retirement! You've earned it a thousand times over.

  • What a nice transition, Ken Conrad and Suzanne Sadow are fabulous and worthy successors for the helm of Brooks' fine enterprise.

    Brooks, you have been so impressive in these endeavors – photographer, critic, inventor, community builder, shopkeeper, and sensei to us all. Thank you!
  • Somehow I can't believe you'll not keeping dropping in here at least! Thanks for all your help over the years.
  • Happy retirement Brooks!
    Thank you for helping me in the very start of my KAPing. You are such a great personality.

  • I can't imagine how many BEAKs and BBEAKs there are round the world. I'm glad Ken Conrad and Suzanne Sadow will be supplying these essentials for us
    Enjoy your new retirement Brooks. The ones with the biggest smiles are the ones who have retired. May you have a big smile for a long time.

    Fly High

  • Have a good retirement Broox.

    All the best, Peter.
  • Thanks Broox for your hard work you did for KAP community!

    It was really nice time to meet you in your home and spend time with you and with your lovely wife! I'm sad that I wasn't able to provide you new gadgets I still developing. Hopefully you have now more time to do things you like. God bless you!
  • Thank you for making my learning curve that much easier and all that you have done for the KAP world, have a great retirement.
  • I'm guessing that handing the business off will free you up to do more of the things you want to do for yourself. Have fun!
  • I hope you have a good and happy retirement Brooks

  • Lyn and I both send our best wishes for a happy retirement Brooks, take it easy, you've given us some great times at KAPiCa's and some fun times here on the forum and elsewhere. Keep coming by to keep this lot in check !

    Simon and Lyn.
  • Let me join all the others in expressing gratitude for all the KAP guidance and experiences … may they continue for years to come….. and the best to Ken & Suzanne for continuing the business operation.

    Doug & Ginni
  • Game over????
    Tried to put in an order to Brooks for some last- minute miscellany but the site would not let me put together an order. Thought I had a day or so left.....anybody know...?
  • Congratulations Brooks. I'll add my thanks for all that you have done to advance the equipment we use, the kites we fly, and the conversation and kinship we have in this eclectic KAP community.
  • Paul (et al) -- you should be able to place an order until end of day tomorrow (Sunday 30 December). (Just when 'end of day' is, I haven't decided yet.) If you are unsuccessful, email me.

    Many, many thanks to you all for all the kind words. I'm quite touched, a bit overwhelmed, and very glad to have been able to make a contribution to this wonderfully "eclectic KAP community".

  • Enjoy Broox's!
    Thank you for all the advice you have given me as well as the wonderful equipment you have made available for us. You are the main reason for my success with KAP.
  • Sorry if this is a bit too long. I first became acquainted with Brooks via snail mail (I think) many years ago, reading of a small seminar he was having which I could not attend. Until then I thought I was nearly a lone KAPer in the world. This was probably in the early 1980s, he showed me the way to a higher percentage of decent photos with our correspondence.

    I am sure he has been the most influential driving force for modern day KAPers, holding hands either actually or figuratively and guiding the way quite gentlemanly, I might add. I have bought several items from, though mostly I "roll my own" when I can - not necessarily as pretty though. Were it not for and the availability of ARKAP gear, there would be a lot fewer active KAPers in the world.

    For most of us, you are the real "Father KAP" thank you very much, it's been a pleasure. Now sit back, light your pipe and see if you can fly a KAP rig the smoke ring.
  • Thanks, Broox! :O)

    Piotr, Anna BKT
  • OK. The site is now closed. Y'all come back in a couple of weeks and see what Ken has in store.

    Thanks for your support and friendship.

  • While working the KAP booth at the Makers' Faire with you Brooks, I remember talking with a guy who looked over your rigs and declared, "I could make one of these myself." Then after examining them further, he slowly said, "But I couldn't make them better. I should just buy one." That was a salute from a fellow craftsman.

    Thanks for all your help over the years, I'm glad you made sure the work would carry on. Enjoy your third retirement.
  • Brooks! What a surprise! Thought you were at least 70 years younger than that. It was always a great pleasure discussing KAP with you and I still have a couple of bits of your kit - thanks, and I hope you are still around on the websites for many more years even if you're not selling stuff.
  • Brooks, thank you so much for the help you've given me. I started out by acquiring paper copies of all the old Aerial Eye. I've been so lucky that you live nearby and I could get in person help. My fondest memories of this KAP community are the two (or three?) KAPiCA conventions that you hosted at Asilomar - how can anyone beat spending 4 or 5 days with 50 KAPers? Best to you in low-level photography.
  • Dear Brooks,
    I must say you have been the most influential person to spread the gossip of KAP through the AKA conventions, the ‘Arial Eye’ publications, KAPICA conferences and more, all around the world.
    I admire your dedication to improve, re-invent, and pursue perfection for new KAP gear and at the same time embracing this new digital world.
    Not only do I take my hat off to you, but will also fly a kite.

    Now time to relax and enjoy life, go fly a kite.

  • Brooks Brooxes...whatever your name is LoL! You have a customer service like none other! I would usually get your excellent products a day or two before I would receive the email notification that it had been sent. Plus, you were on the opposite coast of the country! Thank-you for your massive contributions to what has been my life for the past couple of years. My only regret is that I wish I would have electronically met you before then. Good luck in your post work part of your life. You have deserved it with many years of hard work and tireless dedication to your profession. God bless and good luck in your future endeavors whether KAP related or not.
  • Hey, Brooks,

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm looking forward to seeing the photography you do from the ground, Broox. New page, new challenges, new ideas. Keep having fun.

  • Not a bad idea, Tom. After I get the biz sale all buttoned up, I'll upload some to Flickr. Meanwhile, here's one I took from a cliff at Point Lobos:

  • Can't resist the aerial perspective Brooks!
  • Well, I thought about pawning this shot off as a KAP picture, but couldn't do it in good conscience. As it happened, there were six members of the camera club on the overlook, and I was the only one that had the right lens at the moment the egret decided to move to a better dining spot.
  • Many congrats on your retirement, Brooks, and a very happy birthday! I'm very pleased that you found the right buyer for!

    I feel so fortunate that you made your rig kits available just when I was ready to take the KAP plunge, and am grateful for your advice (and patience!!) back then, and also more recently. I still exclusively use, for both KAP and BAP, the excellent custom lightweight rig you made me for my foray into BAP a couple of years ago. It has helped me take a great many satisfying shots.

    I hope you find your other pursuits as fulfilling as your years dedicated to KAP, and as worthy of your outstanding creative and management talents. I also hope to continue to see you on the KAP discussion forum and on Flickr from time to time too.

    You are truly one of the Fathers of modern Kite Aerial Photography, and, as a result, have touched many of our lives and earned our eternal thanks!
  • three cheers for the KAPfather who if had not created such a great bespoke range of KAP kit I would still be stumbling in the dark with poorly engineered bits and bobs instead of spending my time capturing images.

    happy retirement.

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