Hamish Inspired PVC Rig

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I built this rig from a slice of 4″ PVC pipe after HQasem suggested take I look at these rigs built by Hamish

You can change the angle of the camera by rotating the ring and tightening the bolt at different places in the slot that is cut in the center of the ring.

Here's some shots from today. Shark River Inlet, NJ, 20 knot North Wind, Didakites Explorer 1.6

KAP Avon Shark River Inlet 1/18/2013 - Images by R. David Beales


  • This is very cute.
    It requires a tool to change the pan and tilt angles? You might want to consider wing nuts so you can adjust it without tools.
    What's the weight? It looks really light.
    Nice job.
  • Yes cool.
    How did you get the photos to do a slide show. That was cool too.

    Fly High

  • Same question as Sue? Very cool.
  • Nice. Simple. I like it. :-)
  • Thanks for the feedback. You're right, adjusting without tools would be better. I'd probably have to flip the bolt to make it easier.

    I pay for the services of Photoshelter.com. They create the slideshow and give me a link to embed it. I work as a photographer and they have a whole suite of file storage tools, file delivery tools, web presentation tools, etc.

  • Great variant ;o)
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