READER'S DIGEST Magazine, January 2013 Issue, & Nicholas Chorier...

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So there I was, flipping through the magazine I mentioned in the discussion title. Starting on page 124 is a photo spread of two aerial photographs of the “Baha'i House of Worship”, known as the “Lotus Temple”, in New Deli, India. The last line of the photo caption reads:

“Photographer Nicholas Chorier shot these images from a camera affixed to a remote-controlled kite.”

Good going, Nicholas....

Here is a link to another photo of the temple that I found using GOOGLE - I could not find a link to the photos in the magazine on the RD website {& I do not know if this photo was taken by Nicholas or not}:


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  • Now that's what I would like to achieve!
  • Very nice shot! Nice building too. :-) It is in January 2013 Reader's Digest? or an older magazine?
  • YH, I do not have the mag in front of me right now - actually, I am not sure *where* it is. However, I am pretty sure I put the correct month & year in the "Subject" line.

    I do not remember 'off the top of my head' what was on the cover of the magazine.
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