Freezing Cold Rokkaku Battle

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I had a beautiful clear day of 9 degree wind chill weather to KAP today. I started early and the wind was really nice. So up goes the 78" Premiere Rokkaku and up goes the RC rig... and up goes the wind!

Out of nowhere (phrase used to shift responsibility to Universe) the wind was howling and I thought for sure the kite was going to fold up. I ended up having to run towards the kite to reel in a little line, then walk back to the boardwalk, rinse and repeat. By the time I was done I was exhausted and in no mood to fly the Explorer 1.6. Plus the cold shut off the camera by preventing chemical reactions in the battery.

You may also notice that they are almost done fixing the drawbridge. Woohoo! Actual recovery underway!

But I got some good photos. Even in the absurd wind the kite just sat there almost totally still at the end of the humming line.
Does anyone use smaller rokkakus with fiberglass spars in high winds?

KAP Avon 1/20-1/22/2013 - Images by R. David Beales


  • I sometimes use a premier 56 inch rok if the wind is too strong for my larger one. Any stronger than that and I'm heading for coffee or beer
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