Didakite Cody 30 anyone have experience with this Kite?

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Just recieved it today it was easy to assemble, it has quality build to it and looking forward to flying it.



  • They like a steady wind and not too much i can imagine with those 6mm spars ;-)
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    My comment is - from your posting history, you have tons of experience with different KAP kites, so you won't be needing much experience from us !!
    Joking apart, you'll find the Cody a kite that likes a steady breeze, it tends to fall through holes in the wind as gravity takes hold of all those spars and longerons. A good few minutes setting up and can take a bit of getting just right. In truth, not as practical for KAP as some of the other kites in your stable.

    But, and it's a big "but" in its favour, in my opinion there is nothing to beat the sheer historical good looks of an extended wing Cody like this one, it is a beauty and for anyone with any knowledge of kite history there are few kites that set the heart skipping more than a good looking Cody in black, or white.

    I'm looking at the advert and thinking to myself, "hmm, that would look nice flying in the spring over the beach. hmmm."


  • Simon from what I read about codys I am surprise how easy Didakites set this kite up that you can set up this kite wiithin 5 minutes and that is no exageration. Your right about the "but" this kite is a beautful black kite that will look great in the sky even if I am KAPing or not. Thanks for the info on the flight characteristics its always good to know and your right not as practical but definitely adds to the fun factor of KAP and the reliving of a little history.
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    What a wonderful kite to fly in steady winds I enjoyed it immensely, you definitely right Simon this kite had my heart skipping. This kite likes to overfly a lot, when in turbulent winds or in sudden gust this kite becomes a Stuka if you don't let that line out fast enough it is going down for the count which I got first hand experience while I was trying to put my rig on. Lucky for me it went behind a tree which prevent it from hitting the ground an some how righted itself and rose back up into the sky. Once I got it up to some steadier and cleaner breeze it flew beautifully. I attach my Gopro Hero 3 and took a few images one cool thing I notice the kite never overflew once the rig was on.

    Old Field Lighthouse Park, NY
  • I used my Cody30 (from Didakites) for kaping and it performs very well. Like said above you need a steady breeze during a sunny day and you enjoy the sight of the Cody in the sky.


    I plan to fly 2 stacked codys. Any tips on how to tie them together?
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