Need to repair my tail attachment for my ITW Dan Leigh Trooper

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The loop that was attached at the tail end of my Trooper completely detached and I'm not sure how to reattach it back, looking for any suggestions in material to use because I lost the loop that was there and not sure what kind of material it was?
Also if anyone can post a image of the tail attachment intact that would be a great help and appreciated.


  • I'm pretty sure Dan uses folded ripstop for his attachment loops and it would have been sewn on.
  • Nestor-
    I'd call ITW. Can't hurt. They've always been good to work with....
  • Twill tape 1/4 to 1/2" wide or nylon grosgrain ribbon in 1/2" works perfectly. Get it from a notions (sewing) store.
  • Thanks broox, much appreciated
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