A cheap kite for kids KAP???

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What kite?
Any recommendations for flying a keyring camera with a total rig weight of less than 100g?


  • It would seem to me that any small delta (4 feet or so) would work fine. My grandkids seem to enjoy deltas. Some deltas are styled to look like animals, birds, sharks, etc., which should draw the kids' interest.

    Just today, I am shopping for a keyring camera just to play with. My son gave me an Arduino for Christmas and I am looking for ways to use it. I have no imagination or aptitude for electronics. Maybe the Arduino and the keyring camera could play together for KAP or PAP.
  • Another thought. For kids, why not make a paper kite out of newspaper or plastic or Tyvek? Plastic works well for a simple sled.
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    I picked up a couple of smaller DC's from Aldi or Lidles middle of last year for around a fiver each. It would be worth subscribing to their deals newsletters. They tend to sell the same things around the same part of the year every year. Also Home Bargains have smaller kites for sale.
  • A sled made out of a black bag, string, and tape is really truly easy and involves kids in the process..
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    ;o) great minds.......

    Whenever our local Home Bargains have cheap kites, we buy then out and give then to kids, as here at a Young Archaeologists outing at Blackness Castle:

    I have some Aldi, 183x81cm, £3.99p 'trapezoidal' (delta coyne!?) kites next to me, here as I type, but I have not flown them yet.

    Our council, here in West Lothian, has organised kite days (Kites over Howden) where kids made and flew sleds, with music in the background:
    They no longer do this, but the Kite Club of Scotland ( http://www.kcos.org/sites.php ) came along and Howden is now one of their venues:

    Rosie made kites with kids, as a recreational activity, when she was a teacher. It is a little time consuming and our priority, at least initially, is to get folk flying cameras. We usually meet up with groups in the field, so no work space.

  • I picked up a couple of small cheap DC type (they call it 'Trapezoidal') kites from Aldi, I think they were reduced to about £2.25 - the only way they will fly is if I attack them with the scissors and either enlarge or put a new boxy bit on the bottom.

    On my other Delta Conynes the box part is almost an equilateral triangle, my Aldi 'Trapezoidal Kite' the box part is a triangular letter box (if that makes sense). I hope everyone else has got their Aldi (Crane Sports) Trapezoidal Kites from batches that actually fly.
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    Depends what you mean by cheap. I have been checking out this un:


    and its seems to be stable, robust and easy to fly...once the bridle is sorted!

  • Not sure about cheap, but I like the stowaway delta for my light rig in high winds. It's fun to fly anyways and folds up nice and small so I always have it with me in the car.

  • Popped into The Range today, toy section had some kites at £2.50 each. May be worth a punt to try one out.
  • Hello John
    I hope thinks are settling down now and you can hopefully start to look forward to your Armadale projects in the summer - unfortunately without your beloved Rosie.

    I wonder how sled kites would be in lifting your little camera. I'm taking a sled making workshop at Easter and will try to see what sort of a pull the ones we are making have. They can of course be made any size. Here's a plan from the internet


    Fly High

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