KAPKROW3 GoPro rig
  • A new low cost GoPro rig has been designed by Dominic Morrow and is offered for sale at £20:


    It's a fixed axis device but looks like fun for the GoProer on the go go!



    More detail here:


  • Anybody got a problem with a ziptie on the Picavet line like that?
  • Over the years there has been some debate of the need for movement at the Picavet anchors. Consensus, I think, was it made little difference. I think top pulleys help with leveling but are not really necessary. I had them on one rig, but most rigs made do with split rigs at top, but I never cinched them down like this. If the line angle changes significantly in flight, movement at the top provides some accomodation.

  • I found that if the lines are free at the top rings its easier to hitch on a steep line, the lines will level out if they are trapped at the top but I think distributed friction is better than forcing all the movement at the cross end. I have never seen them clipped as Dominic has done here, I just remember what Scott Armitage said at KapiNED2010: the Picavet works by friction so all points of contact count as friction points- if movement is trapped at one point it will be multiplied at another.

    Mind you I use a pendulum most of the time...and rubber bands...

  • Brooks always suggested tying them at the top-rings (hang-ups) so I imagine he'd approve of the zip-tie. A knot is what I've always done -- after leveling once. A knot up there has the added benefit of not letting the thing fall apart when one line or primary knot fails.

    Friction is what dampens picavet motion and it's why I use simple rings instead of ball-bearing pulleys. However, if you play around with a Picavet, 99% of the motion and friction is on the cross no matter what you do up above. I don't think the top-rings matter.

    Knots or zip-ties do focus all the friction at one point on the lines so if you do a ton of KAP I'd suggest inspecting the line at that point every so often.

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