French KAP week. Comme un Nuage 2016 Notre Dame De Monts (& 2017)

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Florian, a KAPer who works for the Notre Dame De Monts (Vendee) council, is organising Comme un Nuage 2016 KAP week. This year it will be held at the end of August from 25-31 August. There was a vote on the French KAP part of the FFCV Club website and the majority were in favor of those dates. It ends on the weekend before Dieppe kite festival starts so I'll have a bit of time to go touristing between the two.
It's mainly French KAPers who go but Hans from Holland is hoping to go again.
During the Comme un Nuage I went to, they kindly asked if I would like them to speak English but I said that it would be good to speak French. They had spoken English for the whole of the week in Berck as Wolfgang doesn't speak much French. They are a great bunch. Very enthusiastic and friendly with a touch of madness. On the last Saturday, a call went out at 11-30pm that the light on the church spire would go out at midnight. A mass exit followed and 4 KAPers succeeded in lofting Kiwi deltas and rigs to take KAP from the church square.

The web page is
I'm not sure if you have to register before you can read the page, I think maybe only to reply to a discussion.

Here is the latest - in French

Bonjour à tous,

Bon c'est voté , le festival comme un nuage se déroulera fin aout ! En gros du 25 au 31 aout pour ceux qui souhaitent venir plus longtemps !

Des nouveautés cette année, j'en parlerais dans un prochain mot
Par contre pour ce faire je dois créer une asso afin d'avoir la subvention accordée par la mairie

Etant sur place j'en ferai partis !
Ma question qui en veut partie ?
Merci de me repondre en sachant qu'on fera un rassemblement et une an par an

a bientot les amis

And in English - sort of !!

Hello everyone,

Well it is voted on like a cloud festival will take place end of August! The whole of August 25 to 31 for those who wish to come for longer!

Innovations this year, I would speak in a next word
As against this do I have to create an asso to have the subsidy granted by the town hall

Being on the spot I'll make away!
My question who wants to party?
Thank you to answer me knowing that we will be a rally and year by year

see you later friends


I hope some more "foreigners" will be there for this great KAP meeting.

Fly High



  • SueSue
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    Here's an article I wrote after Comma Un Nuage. Sorry if it's a bit long

    Two Foreign Kite Festi- part 2 Comme un Nuage at Notre Dame De Monts

    On Monday as I was getting ready to leave Berck sur Mer when Alban arrived with a load of kit. He couldn't get in touch with the people who had offered him a lift to Notre Dame De Monts for the "Comme un Nuage" KAP meeting. Could I take him there please? So I had a passenger for the next 350 miles (though he wasn't much company as he slept most of the way.) We stopped at a camp site about half way there and arrived at his mother's house South of the R Loire about 3pm. He suggested we went out KAPing before the evening meal as it was still a lovely day. We went first to a small "Productuer de sel" who made sea salt and was a friend of Albans. We flew high over his salt pans for a while after drinking the coffee he had made for us. Alban's photos took in the whole of the pan but I must have pressed the zoom on my camera as I had close ups which weren't quite what I expected ! We were both flying waterproof Pentax cameras in his cola bottle rigs.

    Comme un  Nuage 2015

    Then we went to a river not far away where there were Carrelets - fishing huts - lining the banks. One of the owners kindly explained how they were used. They have a huge square net which they lower at dusk and raise now and again scooping out any fish using a net with a very long pole. The wind was dying and my kite wouldn't stay in the air but Alban was using a big flowform which carried his cola bottle rig easily and he took some good photos.
    When we arrived at Notre Dame De Monts on Wednesday it was 'all hands' to putting up the display boards in the KAP tent and then hanging our photos before we could go out KAPing. It was another beautiful day and I went back to the river to KAP the Carrelets. This time I succeeded and was using the Power Sled 24, the new tilt rig I had finished just before Easter, and the 16Mp full frame sensor Ricoh GR camera which takes superb detailed photos. One of these photos was chosen to be on the promenade during next year ☺. I then went on the beach near the Isle De Noirmoutier and thought I'd taken loads of photos of the bridge which sweeps across to the island. There was a shower of rain just after I had launched the camera so I brought it down and waited for the sun. When I re-launched, I didn't notice that one of the KAP clips had come undone and that the camera was facing away from the bridge. Duh! I only got one photo of the bridge during that hour!

    Comme un  Nuage 2015

    Jean-Daniel made meals for us a few times and once 21of us sat down round the ttree long tables brought in from other flats. It was good to be with these enthusiastic people who were willing to ask for advice and others able and willing to give it. Andre, who is a good bit older than me, was struggling with CDHK scripts for his Canon camera and someone was able to install and set it up for him. Others were keen to show their latest addition to the rig and video downlinks were compared and demonstrated. There are so many different ideas and versions of rigs and it was interesting to see what a wide variety there was. Some were fully automated, some with video downlinks and radio controlled camera triggering and there were simple lightweight pendulum rigs with cameras using the Canon CDHK or SDM scripts theto control camera. I think we all came away with more ideas for additions and improvements to rigs. For instance, I've now bought a Boscam 5.8ghz downlink which plugs in to the camera and a 4" Monitor which has a good bright screen. It is proving more reliable and a lot better to use than my old one.

    Comme un  Nuage 2015

    Thursday and Friday it rained till the late afternoon so we socialised in the KAP tent. Rigs were shown and discussed at length and the few visitors had lots of us to talk to. When the rain stopped there were short KAP sessions. The rain was accompanied by strong wind so the Kiwi / PFK deltas were out in force. They fly well and, having a very strong pull, they lifted rigs easily. I don't have one so I was content to be entertained by them.
    Saturday it just rained - all day. There was a reception at the Maire in the morning and we were invited to the evening 'repas' at the pizza restaurant we had been to a few times. It was put on by the council and we could have anything on the menu. Our table didn't hold back. We also had a wine connoisseur, Andre, on our table and he chose excellent wines for us all ! After the meal we went back to the accommodation till there was a call for KAP photos of the church before the floodlights went out at midnight. Four PFKs were flown (only one had a flashing light on it) and four cameras flown. It was almost impossible to see the red kites because of the street lights and it was a wonder that they all got some photos and all were retrieved safely.
    Sunday dawned overcast with a light wind and no rain. Almost perfect ! But the competition was being judged and the results due in around lunch time so KAPing on the promenade was the only thing to do. Ten photos were to be chosen by the Maire and councillors to go on show along the promenade next year. As I said earlier, I was pleased that one of mine was chosen. Another was of the ruined Chateau De Commequiers with eight turrets surrounded by its circular moat and that was where Hans and I went - eventually. Before that, we all went back to the pizza restaurant for lunch. While we were there, the sun came out and the clouds disappeared. It wasn't till 4pm when we could set off in for a last day of KAP.

    Chateaux Commquiers

    The chateau grounds were surrounded by trees but the wind was coming through the gap at the entrance. Hans lofted his purple roc there and it was soon flying well above the trees. My Power Sled 24 needed more wind so I went further in to the field and up it went. I flew high before putting the tilt rig and Ricoh GR camera. The rig turns all the time and the camera takes photos every 10 seconds. For a change, my video downlink worked well so I could see when I had the photo I wanted. If I missed, I had to wait till the camera pointed at the castle again. Hans disappeared at one stage and had gone out to the car park to get the view he wanted. He told me later that to get round the top of the gate, he had climbed over the fence but had dropped the reel into the moat and had to retrieve it before carrying on. At the end of my session I flew very low over the chateau so that the camera was lower than the turrets at times. The wind was steady and the PS24 behaved well so I could trust my new Ricoh camera to be that close and over the water at times too.

    Sunset at the gois to Noirmoutier

    Instead of going back to Notre Dame De Monts to take our photos down, Hans suggested going to the Gois, the causeway to the Isle De Noirmoutier, for sunset KAP. The tide had just started going out when we arrived but the sun was still too high. We walked along the Gois as far as the water and then went back for our kites and rigs. The wind was stronger so I flew the smaller Power Sled 14 and the same rig and camera. I went along the Gois as far as the first refuge before calling it a day. Hans helped me haul in the kite as it was pulling hard and we went back to find that others had collected our photos and a meal was ready at the accommodation again. I stayed on the parking there that night and went in for breakfast before we all departed saying. "A la prochain" "Till next time"
    It's definitely on my list of events next year even though it's 500 miles from Zeebrugge.

    Fly High

    Sue Storey

  • P.S. I've booked my ferry today. :-)

    Fly High

  • SueSue
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    August 20 2016
    I arrived in France a bit early for the NDDM KAP week. I'm at a little kite festival at Lery-Poses near Rouen, France. It was very windy this morning and the site is very long and narrow and surrounded by big trees. the wind was coming across the field so there wasn't much low down but quite strong and blustery above the trees so it didn't feel safe to put out much line. After a heavy shower, the wind steadied a liitle and I flew the Levi with the tail as usual and the dynamic spreader with the new elastic (thanks Mike Le Duc) which did a grand job when the gusts came. I went into the beach area and found the wind and space better for my nerves and more of interest to photograph. A few people came up and asked what it was on the line and some even guessed it was a camera (and only one mentioned drones) I pointed them to my little expo of photos in the 'Grand tent blanche'
    I've printed quite a few of these and more but I forgot to bring the laminating machine which would preserve them for longer.

    As usual, click on the photos to be talen to my ipernity web page.

    LERY-POSES KITE FEST 2016 (38)

    LERY-POSES KITE FEST 2016 (34)

    LERY-POSES KITE FEST 2016 (18)

    LERY-POSES KITE FEST 2016 (10)

    More fun here tomorrow

    Fly High

  • Good story and KAP shots Sue. Loved the report from Comme un Nuage 2016 Notre Dame De Monts. Keep the French KAP stories coming! Say hello to fellow KAPers!

  • SueSue
    edited August 2016
    We had an evening meal together at the local sports centre. It was very pleasant sitting outside next to the lake watching the rainstorm clouds pass by to the south and the last of the sun lighting up the clouds.
    It was another windy day at Lery Poses kite festival but this morning it was cooler and cloudy. There were a lot more kites in the air today as more "locals" arrived to sell the numbers. After lunch it was still cloudy so I flew a sports kite for a bit then Yves arrived and said hello. He was at KAPiFrance in 2013 so it was good to see him again. He has modernised his pendulum rig. It is now made of carbon tube and has a long narrow spring to restrict the inline swing. Unfortunately he had a problem with the radio transmitter or something on the rig so the camera couldn't take photos.
    The sun came out and I put up the Levi again with the simple pendulum and Pentax W90 as I did yesterday. I have changed some of the settings on the camera and it taking better exposed photos. They had been overexposed because I used a high ISO to speed up the camera but it didn't work. I'm also using EV-7 or is it - 0.7?

    Fly High

  • SueSue
    edited September 2016
    I took some photos at Ch Galliard on Monday but the camera didn't Fly High :-( I tried with a rig and camera but it was too heavy then I flew the SJ4000. It flew higher so I hope I have good photos with that. The wind came up the cliff as well as thermals so it was difficult.

    YES I got one! :-)

    Chateau Galliard 2016

    Today I tried at the pagoda at Amboise but again the wind was only thermals and the camera did not Fly High. I'm now near A HOT Cholet at a camp with a lake.
    I'll be at Notre Dame de Monts tomorrow, Wednesday. Hope the wind at the coast is cleaner than inland.

    Fly High

  • SueSue
    edited August 2016
    I arrived at NDDM on Wednesday and eventually more KAPers arrived and we started well by having a meal at the nearby Pizzeria. On Thursday we met at the Information Office for coffee, badges and information. After setting up the display boards and our photos in the KAP tent on the 'Front de mer' we were free to KAP but most sat around chatting and eating lunch.
    It's all a blur now - what we did when etc. but there was a suggestion to go swimming as it was so hot. The sea was warm and a pleasure to swim in. Some swam most days but that was my only time. I'm now 'on holiday' at a camp by the sea on L'isle De Noutmoutier so there's no excuse now.
    5 of us went to KAP ' Les 5 Pineau' 5 enormous rocks on a headland 1/2 hour away. When we arrived there was no wind but we took kites and rigs on to the beach anyway. Nicho was the first to try flying his colourful roc and it reluctantly took to the air. Hans Elbers, the Dutch representative, then flew his red 10ft roc and I attached my SJ400 on the string rig which Pierre Lesage had given me. Thanks Pierre, it's been used a lot. When the sea breeze became stronger, my rig was changed for his Sony rig and I went to fly the Levi and my pendulum rig with the Pentax W90. Laurence and Coranten flew her kite and rig so we all had a presence in the sky.

    Comme un Nuage 2016    5 PINEAU

    Next day I suggested going to Sallertaine, a small touristy village with a large car park to launch the kites from and a church with a spire close by and a large church in the centre.
    I took Laurence, Emmanuel and Andre, Patrick and Katia met us there and as we approached the village there was already a blue Dopero in the sky. I never found out whose it was! Again the wind was practically non existant when we arrived then the sea breeze slowly started to arrive. Thus began the dance of the kites as we jostled for position with the kites flying at different angles at different heights. At one time Emmanuel was at the right hand side of the road (in the shade) with his 3m Dopero flying to the left and I was on the left hand side with the Levi flying to the right. We were very polite and negotiated a change of position. After flying we sat in the shade waiting for the last kite in the sky and chatted as we drank water and had a bite to eat.

    Comme un Nuage 2016 SALLERTAINE

    That night, Friday, we went to Le Bateau restaurant at 9-30pm for the meal provided by the NDDM council and we could, and did, choose anything we fancied, including drinks. Emmanuel asked me to choose some wine and the Sauvingnan blanc I chose was just perfect. As it was warm and not enough room inside yet, the waitresses moved the tub of flowers, tables and chairs to make room for us all to sit together. This was one of the early dinners!!

    On Saturday I took myself off to KAP the Salines, salt pans, near Beauvoir-sue-mer where Alban's friend Jean Charles had a small establishment. He was happy for me to KAP again and this time I flew high enough with the Levi and the Pentax W90 on a pendulum to have a good selection of views. I have to remember to send him some to add to the ones which Alban had taken over the years.

    Les Blanches

    Comme un Nuage 2016 BLANCS DE SEL

    We returned to the KAP tent to await the Maire (Town Mayor) and the council members who had been organising the event. Speeches, thanks and applause were the order of the day.

    Comme un Nuage 2016 (8)
    Dinner that night started about 11pm. Jean-Daniel was as usual the chef and the chat went on - and on till the early hours. - again!

    Fly High

  • Good story Sue!

    Keep the flying and dinners going. Wish I could join in the fun!

    Looking forward to the pictures.

  • They are planning next years
    "only KAP festival in the world" already but nothing is definite yet. They have formed an Association with Florian, Jean-Daniel and Laurence on the committee. I'll keep this forum posted so it could be more international than it was.

    Fly High

  • many thanks Sue!

    I hope to join one next edition

    I was in this area some times only for work and several years ago, beautiful places

    I hope to see pictures in ipernity

    SMAC from Italy
  • SueSue
    edited September 2016
    On the last day, Sunday, we hung around as usual in the morning and I set off with the intention of going to Chateau Commquiers and taking infra red photos. I set off but it was hot so when I saw the sign "Foire a tout" - car boot sale - I diverted and was lucky enough to find replacement loop handles to replace the one on the Stratospool which had fallen apart and cut the kite line.... twice before I realised.

    Jean-Daniel tying a knot in my cut line the first time it happened after the sand drawing KAP on Saturday

    Sand drawing

    Comme un Nuage 2016 DESIGN IN THE SAND

    Fortified by a drink, I carried on but went round the rocky coast to St Gilles and really couldn't be bothered to drive another 12k, KAP and drive back so wandered around enjoying being a tourist.
    A light, late dinner saw the end of Comme un Nuage 2016.
    My holiday carried on with a couple of nights on Noirmoutier vegging out then on Wednesday I decided to go to Port Moran at L'Epine at the other side of the island. I got my mojo back when I saw the marina and spent a happy hour in perfect conditions. I used the 'New' tilt rig, the Ricoh GR and, as I have done on most occasions this holiday, the Levi with the tail. The tilt rig worked perfectly, even at a great distance and I KAPtured some great shots. Three of them were looking straight down over speed boats at the entrance. Later on I went on to the beach before sunset and KAPtured two windmills. The sunset came out too bright. Anyone out there got good settings for sunset on the Ricoh GR please?
  • Sue, your reference to the "only KAP festival in the world" being planned for next year by Florian, Jean-Daniel and Laurence et al has me very interested. There's no mention of it on the French KAP Forum as yet. Please keep us posted if you hear any more - to attend such things I need to know the dates quite a way in advance!
  • I think that this year's
    "Comme in Nuage" was the fourth they have held. Yes I'll keep this forum informed. There were only about 14 of us this year. A lot more usually go to Berck and Dieppe kite festivals and get together in the KAP tent. I'll be at Dieppe for the festival next week 10/18 September.

    Is your Stratospool finished yet Dave?

    Fly High


  • Thanks Sue. As for the stratospool, apart from the 2nd winder knob it's finished and I'me hoping to try it out in the next week or so.
  • SueSue
    edited September 2016
    I'm nearly at the Dieppe kite festival. I've had a great and still hot time, first in the Vendee with LoKAP, Laurence, when we went in to Nantes to see the mechanical elephant walk around and then KAPing on Saturday and Sunday. This is one from Sunday near the St Nazaire bridge. We stayed for over an hour as the tide came in.

    Serpent de l' Ocean}

    Great photos in Brittany ending today KAPing le Mont S Michel from the other side of the river as the police said it was 'Interdit' from the new road. Thanks to Fabian Potel 'AirKapture' who showed me on Google where to go. I waited half an hour for the sun and had 3 flights. The last flight took super photos with the Mont in frame on most of them. The earlier ones were either too high or too low.
    I met a Cornish lad after I'd finished who was cycle camping round Brittany. We met again and had lunch together at the first resteurant before going our separate ways.

    Another good day :-))

    Flying high

  • SueSue
    edited July 2017
    OK. I arrived at Dieppe about 6pm and it was 7pm before I managed to park and go to the reception for my pass camping car. I ended up with a car pass but the officious police let me through. Normal people get their pass in the post about two weeks before the festival but I'd asked for mine to be held here for me. Anyway I'm here. Let the fun begin again.
    The sunny day turned cloudy by the time I'd settled in and all the kites were put awa till tomorrow. Now it's raining a bit.
    The forecast for Sunday is 2-4 mph. Time to try out two different i-Flite no wind kites which Karl Longbottom is bringing for me to try before I buy an orange one.

    Hoping to Fly High


    Following the Notre Dame De Monts KAP festival, the French kite club held a KAP weekend in October in the same region. This was arranged mainly by Laurence Ott in the Nantes area where she lives. The link is for the second page in the discussion and there are great photos of the weekend especially around the Clisson chateau. It seems that Laurence successfully KAPed from inside the chateau. The wind around there can be very strange as the chateau overlooks the river and its valley. I tried last year after the Comme un Nuage and couldn't fly very high because of the light wind though Michel Wirth did with a different type of kite from the same place.
    They hold a Spring and Autumn KAP weekend in different regions of France each year. I'd love to have gone this year but it's about 500 miles to that area from Belgium where the Hull to Zeebrugge ferry lands.

    Enjoy your visit

    Fly High

  • SueSue
    edited July 2017
    While I was at Dieppe kite festival, Wolfgang and his wife Mung Hie and I went to KAP Arques-la-bataille chateau. I flew my 'new' Ricoh Theta M15 360° camera and triggered it with the Android Theta app. Wolfgang was impressed with the effect and I believe he bought one before he went to the far East on a visit.
    The Wi-Fi reached an estimated 80 meters but there was no other WiFi up there at the Chateau.
    Here's a 360° photo I just uploaded to Kuula 360 sharing website so I hope it works.

    No it didn't so I'll try another way

    Fly High

  • SueSue
    edited July 2017 Well the link works OK

    Fly High

  • nice to see !

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thanks Sandro

    We enjoyed the day at the Chateau. There was a light but good wind and sun!

    Fly High

  • I think Kuula is the best 360 sharing platform I've discovered so far in terms of the retention of image quality.

    Flickr murders 360s. Facebook is fine. The Ricoh Theta site is fine too.

    Here's one of mine in cheat (drone) mode. I've volunteered my machinery and flying skills to help survey portions of Guernsey's south cliffs for a particular brand of vegetation that is taking over and stopping other nature from bedding in.
  • Great project Kevin
    Now ....Does anyone know of a 360 photo sharing programme which will post to this site as a movable image- not just a link?
  • I've just had a look on the French Club forum and found this from 20 April 2017

    Coucou à tous,

    Réservez votre date ! Du 24 au 28 aout 2017

    On recommence en aout car le soleil brille, brille !! Bonnes nouvelles : les photos prises l'an dernier seront de nouveaux exposées sur le front de mer visible en juin 2017

    Pour s'inscrire : rien de plus simple
    Hello everyone,

    Reserve your date! From 24 to 28 August 2017

    We start again in August because the sun shines, shines !! Good news: the pictures taken last year will be new exhibits on the waterfront visible in June 2017

    To register: nothing simpler

    And the latest from the organisers 25 July 2017

    bonjour à tous,

    Le Festival se prépare doucement mais surement.
    Nous aurions besoin d'ici le 1er aout oui , je sais je suis un peu en retard :), des vos meilleurs photos des 4 éditions pour qu'on en fasse agrandir qlq une pour l'exposition !

    Merci de les envoyer à comme1nuage @ (enleve les espaces)

    Je refais un point demain et vous parle de la prochaine édition !!!

    a bientôt les amis

    Hello everyone,

    The Festival is preparing slowly but surely.
    We would need by August 1st, yes, I know I'm a little late :), your best photos of the 4 editions to have it enlarge one for the exhibition!

    Please send them to as1nuage @ (remove spaces)

    I remake a point tomorrow and tells you about the next edition !!!

    see you later friends


    Some KAPers have registered already. I can't go this year (i've just come back from 6 weeks in Brittany where we meet up with Laurence Ott (KAPesse) for the Semaine du Golfe traditional sailing ship and boat week. If it's the same sort of date next year it will be worth traveling as Dieppe kite festival would follow shortly after.

    Fly High

  • @ Ningaloo - Kevin
    Great 360 shot. Which camera do you use?

    Fly High

  • Hey Sue.

    The sensor on the Phantom is taken (I believe) from the Sony RX100 mk3 compact.

    It's a composite of 34 images plus a sky panorama pasted and blended in the top 1/3 of the image.

  • That sounds like a lot of work but the result makes it worthwhile.
    I'll stick to my Ricoh Theta S!

    Fly High

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