Nokia Lumia 1020 (aka 909) '41MP' phone

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Has anyone flown this phone?

Nokia Lumia 1020/909 windows 8, 158g, 41MP phone.

Review (August 2013):

Associated Windows phone 8 app with 'interval mode':

Possibly another for flying on a selfie stick!?


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    I have not flown this phone yet. I have dowloaded two apps with interval mode: Camera Pro and ProShot Classic. The sample still was taken with the latter. The original .jpg image, as captured, was 10.9MB, 7136 × 5360 pixels (38.25MP).
    I am not over fond of the 1020/909. As a Windows 8 phone, I expected that it would be easy to use! I am finding image resolution somewhat variable too. Not too sure why? At the maximum resolution of 38.25MP, it is recommended not to use an interval of less than 4 seconds.

    Handheld, ISO 320, 1/500th sec, f2.2, EV -0.7
    On a bright day, ISO 100 should be much better for KAP.
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    Nokia Lumia 1020, 38MP KAP Image.

    ISO 100, 11.8MB JPG, 38.25MP, f2.2, EV -0.7, as downloaded from the phone:
    Taken on a dull day. A few images had defocussed horizontal banding!?
    The foliage has turned out well.

    Although half as many pixels, I prefer the consistency of the Sony Z3 Compact:

    Phones may not be ideal cameras but they fit in your pocket with a selfie stick.

    I have no idea what happened with the images in the previous posting.
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