Sex anyone?

Happy Friday! Sue got me thinking when I saw her the other day. How many female KAPpers are there? It's not always obvious with nicknames, but I'm only aware of Sue and now me around here. What is it about KAPping that doesn't attract girlies? I don't feel well qualified to answer as I never got why other girlies didn't like programming computers, playing bass guitars or why anyone would drink two half pints rather than just get on and have a pint! Any Friday lunchtime philosophers here?


  • It's only a handful of humans that are dumb enough to think a kite is a reasonable aerial photographic platform and the greater proportion of them are Tom Benedict would say..go figure!

    Don't ask me if this is sensible ...


  • Kite line (or maybe even Stratospools) in hand....brings smiles to all faces (and genders)....even in the rain!


    AKA Seaside Oregon

  • See, she's smiling. It's fun!
  • Is that you in your photo Bill? Love the shadow.
  • SueSue
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    I have met two more female KAPesses. One was Susie Green, into archeology. We met at the 'Long Meg and her Daughters' stone circle near Penrith. UK. She was going round with a camera on a pole to map the area and her boyfriend was taking detailed photos of all the stones. I was the only other active KAPer she had ever met.
    Susie Green wielding a pole with a camera on it.
    Long Meg and her daughters (214)

    The other one I have met a few times is Laurence Ott who lives near Nantes, France. We met at Penvins Kite Festival, at Berck last year and at the last two Comme un Nuage KAP Festivals at Notre Dame de Monts. She has two teenage children and is very enthusiastic about KAP. We went KAPing twice when I visited after Comme un Nuage this year.
    Me and Laurence at the Serpent de Ocean sculptue
    Sue (me) and Laurence. Two female KAPers Serpent de  Ocean, France

    Of course GertyX and have met twice. Here we are at Orford Castle with Tim - Suffolkkapper.
    Tim, Lindsay & Sue (2)

    There's also a french lady who lives in Russia but I haven't met her yet.
    John Wells has met or knows of quite a few Females who use KAP in archeology.

    We all Fly High


  • I introduced KAPing to a young Irish women Amy way back in 2008 (I think a science / photography class) in Howth Ireland just north of Dublin.

    Guest KAPer Amy - High Wind KAP - Kite Over Howth Ireland

    Beyond Sue I have met just a hand full of female KAPers, including my nice who I introduced to KAP about 5 years ago. She is now living in Spain.

    Keep spreading the word (KAPing)!

  • This is a truly international community isn't it?! As Bill says, Kappers are a pretty small (and eclectic) group anyway but it's good to know that there is a significant female presence. I can't help thinking that the glue that holds this forum together is not necessarily the kite flying or the photography, but the shared problem solving, tinkering and refining. As my kids grow up, I'm hoping to be able to get to more events and meet more of you fascinating lot.
  • What about partners/wives of kappers?! Mine says that she really loves it! - (hum...really?) I must admit that she is great to have there on a KAP session though...

    She makes a great caddy (I am so dead, she reads my posts here).

    photo caddy_zpsry5pjz6z.jpg

    A great anchor (now I really am in trouble!)

    photo anchor_zpswxynqf1n.jpg

    ...and she is great at saying "left a bit, right a bit" when I am trying to line up a camera over features such as the pill box in the picture below (she is leaning against it, at 11 o'clock in the picture).

    photo pill box_zpsbhljats3.jpg

    It's also great to have someone with me on walks who has a great eye for a photo, and is happy to help out (did I get out of jail with that comment?!)
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    I really enjoy KAPing with my spouse. Here she is helping out with spotting for a near vertical shot:


    Not a male/female thing -- but I think she's a little too risk averse. I think KAP is generally too much of an adrenaline rush for her, thinking about all the things that can go wrong.

  • That is a cracking shot! Now I am also really rather cautious but consider KAP to be relatively calm. Maybe it depends where you go and what you chance and how soon you give up. I find driving at 70mph a bit much of an adrenaline rush personally!
  • tgran...A-7 Corsair?

    FWIW, after I read the name of this thread, but before I read any of the comments, I was going to post:

    Not lately.

  • @CGKiteman...maybe that's a common theme among Kappers? Too busy out flying or tinkering in a workshop?
  • @CGKiteman... Allan, you're as incorrigible on here as you are on YouTube!
  • Shure! When? Where?

  • I think we're all too busy flying kites and fiddling with electronics to bother!
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    tgran → Roger that - Thanks. I am NOT great at a lot of things, but I am RATHER GOOD at recognizing aircraft. Really.
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    NZflier →"Incorrigible"?

    Now, HOW could I post on this forum if I COULD NOT READ?!


    {FWIW, I was going to TRY to make a pun of the word "incorruptible". But as it is currently around 04:00 local time, my punner is NOT THAT AWAKE YET...LOL}
  • Gertyx → Since my divorce, the only place I tinker IS in the workshop...《wink》
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    You do not see many female KAPers because I keep them all to myself ;o)

    How many female KAPers are there? A difficult question because it depends on what you mean by KAPer. The few that appear on this forum are something of a special subset.

    I have met more female recipients through SNAPS than men. I stopped counting the number of donated KAP kits at 200, but I suspect most will fall by the wayside. As a general observation, give a man a KAP kit and he will start tinkering and flying solo. Give a woman a kit and she will put her effort into using it and involving others.

    Only this week, two ladies visited from a primary school in West Lothian to collect a couple of kites (delta and sled) and an ActionCam.
    Primary schools have shown more interest than secondary schools, with Balla (Co. Mayo) and Stella Maris (Waterford) Secondary Schools in Ireland being notable exceptions. In terms of collaborative projects using KAP with children, community groups and national bodies, women take the lead. Jackie Sangster of SCRAN is an example, incorporating KAP into her work with children and the national archive of aerial photographs:

    My daughter Heidi Walker flies down in Gloucestershire and is an official volunteer photographer with the National Trust:

    Amy Woodget below is a SUAV specialist at Worcester University who is also a recipient in the Scheme:

    A couple of months ago, when I was down in England, the ladies who run Allsorts received 7 ActionCams for fastening to wheelchairs with a view to possibly flying them on kites when I return south next year. KAP from a wheelchair can be fun, especially if you forget to put on the brake.

    When flying with children in 'special' schools or community groups, ladies are usually the organisers and the recipients within the Scheme.

    As you all know, my late wife Rosie was a KAPer and from her teens drank her Newcastle Brown in pints Gerty ;o)
    Here she is with a HQ FF4.0 and Jim Knowles in the background with his Longbottom Delta Sled:
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    Our applied KAP register for the UK and Ireland currently has:

    27 men (5 known to have PhDs/EngDs)
    15 women (6 known to have PhDs)

    So, so far, just over half as many women KAPers as men, but relatively more in academic applications.
  • Interesting numbers. Over here, on this side of the pond, as far as I know, there's only me which makes it 100% men, 0% women. :-)

    The closest kapper i know is Carol Bigras in Ottawa area.
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    There is Kitty who is based in California:
    and, I assume, a swathe of others who, like her, volunteer across the country in Public Lab:

    Susan Aber has been around for a long time:

    My impression is that for most women, KAP/KARS, is simply an alternative aerial platform and research tool and they are not necessarily enthusiasts as those of us who post here.......but many visit this forum ;o)

    Any volunteers for Public Lab?
  • Yvon - it's Carl Bigras by the way, not Carol (though his wife Nicole assists him).
  • You're right on both count Dave, all depends if it's French or English.

  • John Wells wrote:
    27 men (5 known to have PhDs/EngDs)
    John, I do not have a DEGREE. But I do have a BLACK CAT. {Really.} Does THAT count for anything?

  • I have a white dog and that doesn't!
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    Oddly, not one of the 100s of school children that I have worked with has a degree either ;o)

    In academic circles, it is difficult for some KAPers to come out of the KAP closet!
    Although too small a sample for significance, is it suggesting that women academics are more open to using KAP, or are more willing for it to be out in the open?
    I do not have a cat, but my daughter's cat is too aloof to consider such things, a cushion should know its place:

  • I am a female FAA licensed remote pilot and professional photographer from Florida who discovered KAP three years ago. I have built my own rig with servos for pan tilt, shutter remote and small video camera downlink that broadcasts POV to the monitor I installed on my Spectrum Radio Control.

    I love to tinker as much as the guys and find incredible peace in the process of flying the kite and taking pictures this way. It is fun to watch people's reaction when I put my rig up in the sky! It's really funny how I can put a drone up and everyone gets angry and paranoid but I put a kite and camera up and no one ever says anything negative!

    When I have time I will post some photos taken with my kite and rig. I love visiting this forum to learn but today is the first time I am posting. Thanks to all who post and share their wisdom!

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    great...I can build a KAP rig but I can't figure out how to post a photo on this forum...LOL
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