Ipernity to shut down


Ipernity is set to close on Jan 31st 2017.


A sad loss, they are a great team but their independence from the media giants has cost them dear-the project has become unsustainable.


  • SAD NEWS,...

    Thanks Bill and thanks also for the other discussion that remember us that relatively short time ago FLICKR had problems and IPERNITY was a good chance - alternative

    landscape is changing fast,....

    SMAC from Italy

  • I have never been able to post a photo here; I was never trusting enough to use my Flickr account, and
    too slow ( it now seems ) to pursue the one with Ipernity.
    Any suggestions for the next vehicle for posting photos here ? I hope to be able to share some ideas
    vaguely related to the "Strato-Spool".

    I call my "wind-up" toy the " Air-Reel ".

    Safe, Happy Holidays, to all.

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    @Paul Costelloe

    One option to post photos here is to host your own blog. Depending on the platform you can protect your images as you see fit: clip the size, watermark or 'digimark' https://digimarc.com/application/photography.

    Looking forward (as a halo man) image

    to your 'Air-reel' .So far all the Sratospool stories I read here seem to end up in splintered wood episodes.

    Sad to see ipernity fail. It was a brave online archive but as a window on my work very few folk looked in compared to Flickr.

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    Thanks, Bill. My own blog is a bit of a stretch at this point. I really don't look to " post and protect" .
    My objective is to occasionally post a few shots on this forum. As I understand it, such shots " need to
    be locatable somewhere....."
    I'll keep my eyes open - and welcome all suggestions.

  • Does anyone know of an easy way to migrate ipernity photos back to Flickr?

    Fly High

  • A crowd funding effort to save ipernity is underway:


    Memberships alone have failed to cover the rising cost of maintaining the site. Its worth saving for its independence from Big Web alone. The effort has raised $11,468 USD toward a target of 250K so far so support is strong but more is needed to secure a future for the service.

    Help them if you can!


  • Bill - Where did you get the 250K from? They are asking for 25K and after 4 days are already at 60%. Elsewhere I read that they need 50K for 2017. If I had read 250K I might not have contributed.
    Like you I do think they are worth supporting.

  • Tony, my bad- decimal point error!

    The fund stands at 38k today.
  • Correction.... Read it for yourselves.

    This was today's email 20 March 2017

    Ipernity Member Association

    === EN ===

    Dear Sue

    The following message is for Ipernity members who have not yet contributed to the crowdfunding campaign being run by Ipernity Member Association (IMA).
    If you already contributed, we thank you warmly.

    As you know, IMA has launched a crowdfunding campaign to keep the Ipernity site alive and then to take control of it.

    The amount raised today by this campaign is $24,549. IMA still needs your contribution, whatever its amount, to successfully carry out its project.

    Please think about contributing. IMA is your association and the future of Ipernity depends on the success of this project!

    The shortfall is real and urgent. If it is not eliminated, the Ipernity site will be shut down at the end of the month. However, at the same time, if people honor their commitment expressed in the survey, IMA should exceed the goal and raise over 34,000€. Please note, some of our fellow members have doubled their pledged amount, others have contributed out of their want and a few have even contributed three times out of love for this site and a strong desire to see it succeed. Will you stand with your fellow members and friends or abandon them during this critical time ?

    We remind you of the link where you can make your contribution:


    We thank you in advance.

    See you soon,

    Ipernity team
  • Je vous annonce officiellement la prise de contrôle du site IPERNITY par IMA (Ipernity Members Association). Association crée par un groupe d'anciens membre d'Ipernity . Depuis le 1er septembre, le site est exploité par la communauté sous sa propre responsabilité. Nous avons besoin de vous les Photographes,besoin du retour des anciens membre qui ont quitté ''trop tôt " Besoin du soutient de toute la communauté pour que vive notre(votre)association .voir l'annonce ici :http://www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4678588
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