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Is there a website somewhere to help find which digital cameras have a live view video output? I find that a lot of the new cameras only offer HDMI output and it's only active in review mode which is no good for KAP with a video downlink.

So far, if I want to know if there's a live view video output on a camera, I download the camera's manual and search in it. It's a long process if I want to check several cameras.

Last year, I exchanged several emails with Canon tech support and most cameras I wanted to check didn't have a live video output. I find that "feature" seems to slowly disappear or is not well documented. The guy at Canon did took a G7x camera to his desk to try and confirmed that it has a live video output. The fact that the tech support guy had to try it tells me that live video output doesn't seem to be an important feature, for Canon anyway. I know that several larger cameras do have the live video output but for KAP, small camera = light weight which is better.


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    I can confirm that both the Canon S100 and the original EOS M (not sure about later versions like the M3) do output analog live video when in photo mode. I suspect the s110 also outputs live video but can't say for certain.

    There's a cable you can buy for the EOS M - this one (which has a plug which looks like a USB one, but isn't). For the s100 things are trickier since the camera socket that outputs video is also the usb connection - it requires a special plug/cable if you want to output video AND send USB power pulses to CHDK or SDM.

    The EOS M is quite a bit heavier (even with the pancake lens) than the s100, but I've been able to lift mine easily (with video downlink) in winds of less than 15mph. See here.

    Note that the list on that EBAY webpage of cameras supported by that EOS M cable includes a lot of cameras which are only supported in review mode. It also doesn't mention the EOS M, but that's the cable I bought and it definitely does work.
  • It is possibe to use HDMI output over an AV transmitter using a signal converter for Sony cameras;


    It works for the Nex and RX cameras.


  • The problem is that all cameras with HDMI that I checked, the video output is only available in review mode, not in capture mode.
  • I purchased my Panasonic AV cable from
    They seem to be a good source of cable accessories for all camera brands.
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be AV cables for the Canon G#x serie.
  • About the Hdmi converter for Sony cameras showed in above picture there are a couple of things to know.

    There are two versions , one has an infrared led for remote shutter via a 1mm plexiglass cable , the other older version do not have it.

    It is quite important since the HDMI converter makes impossible to connect the USb style connector near the Hdmi connector used to control remote shutter.

    Sony NEX 7R , NEX 5 has video HDMI output during recording

    Other cameras with analog video output are : Canon SX220 , Canon S110 .
  • Thanks for the info. I still wonder why that feature is often not mentioned by the manufacturers. You would think it's an important feature.
  • I have a Xiaomi Yi2 which has live view and wifi control and runs through an app on my iPhone. It also takes great videos at 4k 60 fps and hires photos. So far, I am very pleased but haven't put it up on a kite yet. I am waiting for delivery still and will try it out next week. My concern is the wifi range might be too short.
  • My Sony a5100 also has wifi control via phone app. However, I can only get about 12' out of it.
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