New Zealand holiday February 2017

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This discussion really starts towards the bottom of KAPiCa 2016 planning discussion

My next adventure is to New Zealand for most of February with Ken who joined me during the last part of KAPiCa . We're going on a coach and hotel tour of both islands. I will be taking a Kite (or two) and a minimalist rig with my Canon 16mp PowerShot SX170 IS. Dave Sykes has had it for testing the new Canon 2.2 script so I'm ready to go with that on the card. Thanks again Dave.(Note to self. Copy the script on to other SD cards.)
I'm take the SJ4000 and my 360° Theta S both of which can be hung on a string rig. I'll take the BEAK (note to self... Change the servo for the new one)
I've found NZflier's web site . We'll just miss the latest kite festival by a day!!
We leave on our Saturday 4 February and land in Christchurch on their Monday 6 February around lunchtime.
I'd better get on sorting out the rigs and SD cards today while I think about it.

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  • Have a good trip Sue.

    NZflier's web site is you forgot the l !

    Cheers, Peter
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    Have a great time in New Zealand!

    On my bucket list for the future.

    If you have a magic wand....bring me back a PFK Nighthawk delta ....the one I have is fully worn out! ;-)

  • Sue - if you do call in at Paul's Fishing Kites (just south of Aukland), you can buy just a NightHawk 'skin' - just the fabric part (which I guess is all Jim needs) - much easier to transport!
  • That's an idea. I guess that the kite or skin could be delivered to our hotel to save me a journey. I'll be there on Sunday 19th and Monday 20th February.
    @ Jim Powers... If you would like to do that Jim I'll let you know where we are staying in Auckland.

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  • Hi Sue Have been a member here for quite a while, if l can help in any way with the Pauls kites l live in Auckland and could help if you like . l know you are from Hull, l lived in Bridlington for 40 odd years before we moved to NZ , great place for KAP if the weather is good to you. God luck with your trip, it is a long way away from Hull. Cheers Colin.
  • Thanks Colin. I have yet to hear from Jim.

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  • Sue, you mentioned you had a spare day in Dunedin. I have a friend, Carl Gillard, who is the only kite-flier in that city and also interested in KAP (although only a dabbler.) Depending on your schedule, he's quite willing to act as a tour guide while you're there, time permitting, so if you are interested email him at .

    I can't remember what you said about any time you have in Christchurch, but let me know if I can be any help. Our annual kite festival was last Sunday, January 29, so you missed it by a bit more than you thought. The day you arrive, February 6, is a public holiday by the way (Waitangi Day,) but all shops and whatever are open as usual.

    With Colin in Auckland, Carl in Dunedin and me here in Christchurch, we should be able to steer you right. Let's hope your tour gives you enough free time to get a kite in the air a few times.

    Jim (NZflier)
  • Hello Sue, I have been talking with the guys from Pauls Fishing Kite about the Night Hawk Skins, yes can do but want 2 weeks to complete the order ?At $ 85.00 NZ Doller each, may be as cheap to send by airmail back to where ever, sorry abut the pun. Cheers Colin.
  • Thanks Colin. I'll let Jim know about it.

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  • Sue, I will keep your life simple. I will order direct from Pauls Fishing Kites (as I have in the past). Thanks for the offer to transport the skins.

    Travel safe .... and take lots of KAP pictures!

  • NZflier Jim
    I've just seen your message with your phone numbers on. Thanks.
    We land in Christchurch at noon on Monday 6 February 2017. I don't know if well be zonked out with jet lag or raring to go.
    Are either of your phones mobile so I can text you?

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  • @NZflier: If you're using a non-local SIM, you should still be able to dial any local numbers without any international codes.
  • SueSue
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    Thanks fellas. I've made a note of those in my contacts. Please can you move them to a message so the whole world doesn't see them. You do that by pressing my name next to my little photo and there's a message screen.

    We'll have to see how much free time I have before I can arrange any meeting. Ken isn't a flyer (yet) so...

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  • Hi again
    We had an long but restful flight out. We only seemed to try to sleep or eat for the whole two days we were traveling.
    We went for a walk through the park and gardens across the road from the Chateau on the Park hotel during the afternoon then caught the vintage tram to and round the town. We stopped off to look round the centre and at the "Cardboard Cathedral" which is a temporary modern building erected after the earthquake in 2010. The centre of Christchurch is being mostly rebuilt and becoming a modern city. There are a lot of empty spaces waiting for new buildings and the character of the place had changed a lot so they say.
    Today I was in touch with Carl but he already had visitors so was unable to meet up with us.
    We're moving on again tomorrow and hope to have toime to fly and KAP at Te Anau.

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  • I waited for your call on Monday, Sue, and even cleaned out my car full of kites to make room for potential passengers, but heard nothing from you. I guess you realised there was no hope of flying anyway, even if you'd had time - the strong, gusty wind would have made things impossible, I think.

    Good luck at Te Anau.

  • Jim.
    You were right about the wind. It would have been to strong when we arrived so I thought there was no chance of flying. I'm sorry to have disappointed you.
    I will call when we come back on Monday 13 February. We are traveling from Mount Cook that day and staying one night at the Chateau on the Park hotel again. It is a very pleasant and modern hotel which we enjoyed staying at.

    We have had sunny weather since we left Christchurch and yesterday, Wednesday, went on a Monarch Cruise along the sound from Dunedin and saw albertrosses flying. Two were on the water and we came quite close before they flew off. We then travelled on the Taieri Gorge Railway in the afternoon. I've been using the Ricoh Theta 360° camera quite a lot as well as the Canon and my phone! I'm being a proper tourist at the moment aren't I?

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  • SueSue
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    We met Jim when we returned to Christchurch. We didn't fly again - not a lot of wind this time.
    He took us up the hill to the South to a viewpoint overlooking the city. On the way up we saw that there was a huge fire for on the next hill and a smaller outbreak quite close to our road. There were helicopters taking water to bomb the fire but they didn't seem to make much difference. After going to the lookout and being shown where places were in the city we went over into the old flooded volcano crater now called Littleton Harbour. We stopped on the way to see the harbour and take photos of the orange smoke lit by the setting sun. The fires were still well alight the next morning as we left and later there was a report that a helicopter had crashed and the pilot killed. All helicopters were grounded at that time. I haven't heard any more of the fire since then.

    Jim NZ flier 2017

    Wildfire on Christchurch hills

    The report in the paper the next day

    We are now on the North Island. All traffic is diverted through even more mountains because part of the coast road north of Christchurch is badly damaged or even has disappeared because of the November earthquake in 2016.
    We had a pleasant crossing through Picton fiord where porpoise and dolphins were seen and across Cook Straight, where I saw one dolphin, to Wellington. Where we spent last night.
    As we travelled North it started raining and also forcast for the next two days. We were hoping to go on a float plane from Rotorua over lakes and a steaming mountain ridge tomorrow but it looks like we'll be grounded.
    Still no chance of flying a kite or doing any KAP.

    Fly High
  • I saw rain too on North Island back in 2009, but I did get to KAPture the float plane you might be flying in on the lake at Rotorua:
    Self-portrait by Lake Rotorua
  • Thanks Dave for the KAP of the plane.
    It rained or there was low cloud all the time at Rotorua so no KAP there - or anywhere - and no float plane flight either. We saw the plane moored on the lake but.....
    Thanks for all the input folks but there was either wind and sun but no time or time but no wind.
    I'm now at the Auckland Airport after a wonderful holiday. Back to spring at home.

    Fly High

  • Sue,

    I'm assuming you got back home safely. I hope your stay in NZ was worthwhile, even if no KAP. The road we drove on over the hills is still closed after more than two weeks, and the fires are not fully out yet. The brand-new $20 million adventure park (mountain bike tracks etc) near where we saw the second fire break out at the top of the hill was badly damaged, including the cable car, and no-one knows yet when it will re-open. A bit of excitement for your visit, but one we could have done without!

  • Yes thanks Jim. I saw a satellite image of the hill before and after the fore. It looked to have very been extensive devastating fire.

    We had a great time seeing New Zealand but there was a lot of sitting in the coach and not a lot of time when we stopped for breaks to do much except have a coffee or looking round the settlement.
    Our driver kept us well informed of things we were seeing and the tour manager Keith is organised in a gentle manner.
    We also went out on the water quote a few times on cruises down Dunedin sound, Milford sound, along the lake from Queenstown where we also went on an exciting "Shark Attack" shark shaped boat which went under the water and then leapt out vertically. Wow! That is really something well remember.
    In the North Island we saw the volcanic activity and geysers in a few different places and visited Maori museums and a Maori village where their traditions were explained and I had a go at the poi-poi and Ken joined in the Haka with other men. We ended up at Waitangi where the treaty was signed in 1840. Our hotel there in the Bay of Islands was next door.
    We had another boat trip out into the bay and to the " Hole in the Rock" but couldn't go through it because of the swell. We did however hire a canoe and paddled up the river from the hotel and walked back through the forest and had a close encounter worth the cute little Fantail bird.
    We ended our holiday in style with a meal in the revolving restaurant in the Sky Tower.
    We're recovering from the flight home now!!!

    Fly High

  • Sue,
    The road you took from Christchurch to Nelson was closed today because of more fires near Hanmer Springs. I don't know what's going on here, but maybe we need some good heavy rain to damp everything down. Any more closures and we'll be trapped completely, so you probably escaped at the right time.
    If it weren't for the horrors of the long flights (and the airports,) I'd be keen to make another visit "hone" this year before it's too late. If I could afford a first-class ticket, I might do it!
  • Jim
    We stopped at Hanmer Springs for a coffee break. A lot of the countryside looked dry.
    There was a lot of rain while we were at Taupo and Rotorua because of a big low pressure system over the North Island. I guess the South Island could have used some of it!!

    Fly High

  • Sue,
    We sure could. The road we drove over the hills on has just re-opened after almost three weeks. That road through the tunnel has been getting a lot of extra use in the meantime.
    I hope you've recovered from the journey, and you'll soon be off on another adventure, I'm sure - a bit closer to home, though.
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