Canon A570IS Downloadable {.PDF File} Manuals *WITHOUT* Watermarks???

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I have two manuals for my Canon A570IS downloaded as .pdf files. I just tried to print them both and discovered that they have the word "COPY" watermarked on each page. I can still read the pages, but that watermark is an ANNOYANCE.

I tried searching online, but everywhere I found the manuals available for download - INCLUDING THE CANON WEBSITE - they ALL have the same {or similar} watermark.

As far as I know, the commercial version of Acrobat can remove a watermark, but not the free reader version, which is all I use.

I have downloaded several owners manuals {and similar} over the years as .pdf files, and as best as I can remember NONE of them had this 'problem'.

Anyone have any suggestions?


  • interesting to see that there is still an interest in this old model Canon PS A570 IS,..

    YES I have one too, my first digital camera for KAP and first CHDK

    WW has many solutions,...

    SMAC from Italy
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    I typed in an entire reply, then I selected the "Preview" icon, the page reloaded[?], and my reply was GONE! {F*** ME....}

    @WindWatcher: I followed your link to the Canon website. I downloaded both the Basic and Advanced Users Guides, and BOTH still have the "COPY" watermark on them.

    Am *I* doing *SOMETHING WRONG*???!!!
  • SMAC: It still works fine for me, so I'm sticking with it for now.

    {Yeah, I know: FAMOUS LAST WORDS...LOL}
  • @Wind Watcher: there's no watermark when you view the PDF, but if you do a print preview, or actually print it, there's a big "COPY" watermark.

    @CGKiteman: maybe using an alternative PDF viewer will allow you to print it without the watermark. I've tried using Chrome's built-in PDF viewer and Acrobat Reader - and both give you a watermark.
    Apparently the manuals from Canon's Europe website do not have watermarks!
  • I just downloaded the A570 guide ("PS570_ADVCUG_EN.pdf") from the Canon UK website here and printed a couple of pages - no watermarks.

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    @MPOT: Thank You for the suggestion. I tried everything on the laptop that would work, but the copyright mark is still there. {Yeah, I have a OLD laptop.}

    @Dave Mitchell: Thank You for the link. I downloaded the Advanced User Guide, and it does not have the watermark. However, that site does not seem to have the Basic User Guide.
  • @CGKiteman - you're right, the Basic User Guide is not available from the Canon UK site, and I've just confirmed that the ones available on the net do have the 'Copy' watermark. Furthermore the PDFs are password-protected against changes, so it's not possible to remove the watermark using Adobe Acrobat Professional as I'd hoped.
  • @CGKiteman

    turns out I have a Canon CD for the A570 (not surprising since I have had at least two of them). The Basic User Guide on the CD does not have a "Copy" watermark when printed. Send my your email address and I'll mail it to you (it's 3MB).

    Dave (zenoshrdluATgmailDOTcom)
  • I just sent you an email.

  • I received the file from Dave, and sent a 'Thank You' by email. HOWEVER, I just realized that I NEVER commented here. So, without further ado....

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