Kite festival of Berck 2017 th edition

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We are happy to go this year to Berck .
Kapnick will take place on wednesday .
Wolfgang Bieck and Peter van Erkel with Barbara will be there.


  • SueSue
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    Thanks for the reminder Jose
    I don't expect to be at Berck this year
    I hope the KAPnic goes well. (Beware of low flying planes this year!!!!)

    Fly High (not too high though)

  • Thank you Sue to give us some news .
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    Some new devices on kite aerial photography will be used for the kite festival .You will discover it .
    I spoke today with our friend Christian Bécot, he told me that this year he can not come because he is busy for the two first week ends of April .
    Jean Daniel Chantelauze, the french kaper will be there .
  • This year it was an european kapnic !
    We go to Le Crotoy and st Valery sur Somme, and the kapers were abble to take directly somme picture from a steam engine
    on the railway from Le crotoy to Saint valery sur Somme !
    It was during one day the paradise of Kapers !
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