Hello everyone!

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I'm a young engineer based out of silicon valley. Here is my first greeting post.

I dove head first into KAP as an alternative to drones. I've fallen in love with the hobby and would love to share my creations and engineering skill set with the forum while gleaning off the experience of more established members.

Some things I love about KAP over drones:
1) Everybody hates drones.... nuff said... you can't fly them anywhere without the cops stopping you and/or people getting upset.
2) Drones make everyone uneasy when they fly over head. They always sound closer than they actually are and people duck and run.
3) Kites require very little skill to fly. I went to the beach with a friends. One had a drone and only he could fly it, while everybody got to fly my kite. :D It was very inclusive and everybody had a good time with my kite. (even the drone guy when his batteries died after 20 minutes.)

My first kite is a 9' $25 delta ebay special. I immediately broke the spars by putting the wing spar under the center. DOH! First lesson learned... But, even after that first mistake, I ordered new parts and kept with it. That was several months ago and now I'm reboxing controllers and designing shutter control circuits.

I plan on making some full posts for each part of the project, but for now here are some teasers.

Hobby king 6ch radio with video RX and 4.3" screen. It has a wopping 5.8AH(2cell) battery and by my calculations should last 8hr in the field.

Shutter Control for Sony A5100. One channel input, has two steps for focus lock and shutter release.

Stratospool... shamelessly copied WW's designs!

Gimbol in action!

Prolly my best image so far.
Sony a5100, 8mm fish-eye lens. (super cropped)


  • A ridiculously good start to your KAP career!
  • I like the wooden enclosure. But what's the lower left sticks with spring used for?
  • Carl,

    That bit is the left/right control.
    I converted a servo to continuous rotation on my gimbol, so I needed the left/right control to be spring loaded and return to center.

    The bar with the silver knob is connected to the POT while the longer one to its left is spring loaded and pushes against the shorter one forcing it to return to center.

    I will prolly re-work that part of the controller after I put some time into it and can see how it holds up. I didn't want to use the joystick out of the original transmitter because it was too big for the enclosure.

    Here's the joystick:

    And, here's my first test of the little spring loaded arm so you can see closer.
  • Welcome to the KAP world!

    That's quite a nice start to have going there. I like you rig and your remote, and the photo too. :-)
  • great photo, like that stratospool too. while its raining i should be out making something too lol
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    Congratulations on your own researchs for using kite aerial photography.
    It is a great result !
  • Finally have the upgrades to the gimbal all working. I really want to clean up the mounting of the electronics though.
    It's secure but VERY messy and unsightly. Not classy enough for me. :D

    I plan to still take it up like this though. It will be first flight with the video and shutter control added




    Here you can see everything I had to cram on there...
    - Video Tx
    - Radio Rx
    - camera hdmi -> composite converter.
    - Shutter control
  • your a braver man than me no way would i have those electronic bits lying on the carpet like that i'd be too worried about
    static electricity zapping something lol
    btw thanks for the article after i build a stratospool i intend to build some sort of panning unit so all the info is good :)
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