Survial KAP

Did anyone happen to watch this on the Science channel, TV last night? This fellow made a kite out of a lightweight Mylar blanket to haul a camera aloft to get a better view of his area to find water and shelter before nightfall - he was supposed to have been dropped to prove his prowess in a survival situation.

Hacking the Wild
Episode: Escape from Death Valley
S01, E06
California's Death Valley is one of the toughest places to survive on the planet. Andy heads into this desolate landscape hoping his tech will keep him alive in place where few things can survive.
• CC
6:04 - 7:06 PM Science (103)


  • Hi KAPalaska,

    NO, but it is clear that KAP adds positive life and maybe in some few peculiar conditions helps also surviving,...

    and now,... there is maybe also a Flickr album KAP in the Death Valley or Escape from Alcatraz with the help of a kite

    wish all the best possible

    SMAC from Italy
  • To gain internet access anywhere in Lapland you need two cell phones and a kite. Annoying issue is the wind dies in the evenings, so you cannot watch Netflix at night. But thanx to new European Union roaming regulations there is no danger end up roaming in a wrong country, starting this summer. Except close to Russia.
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