return to BAMBOO for some Delta's spreaders (after meeting with BJKA - Spotorno - 30 kite club)

In the last 20 years I have used only carbon or fiberglass tubes,... I never thought to return to bamboo but recent experience and direct contact with kiters coming from Beijing - China has been surprising and useful also to change a bit the point of view.

BJKA (Beijing Kite Association) has been with a delegation of 4 master kiters for first time in Europe, to SPOTORNO Festival del Vento organized by 30 KITE CLUB - Liguria - Italy.

BJKA counts 700 members, 100 active kiters making beautiful small masterpiece kites; at BJKA kite Festival something like 15.000 visitor people ,... crazy numbers in a european current view

I had the chance of attending a workshop covering traditional kite construction with some specific care to bamboo:

they use bamboo of good dimension (dia 3 to 4 inches) divided in 4 or 6 sectors and seasoned more than 2 years (even 10....)

no direct sunshine, no rain

divided in small sections square - rectangular, using mostly outside surface

bending with the external surface as outer radius on a alcohol flame bamboo keeps well the shape

I feel good material for large DELTA's spreaders when length of spreader goes more than 1 meter and when the size of a commercial tube starts to be 10... 14 and more millimeters of diameter

Some pictures and beautiful kites can be seen in : and near pictures

for a DELTA's spreader of course more slim bamboo stripes need to be arranged in 4 or 6 configuration as suggested in a previous post

as general remark it was a personal very positive experience the contact with very nice people that have a fully different old and rich culture a pure passion for kite, flying like birds,....

SMAC from Italy


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    That's very cool. Definitely a lot of focus/celebration of art and culture going on there.

    Also, this light-weight reel caught my eye in your album... DSC01579
  • Hi hawkeye,

    CHINA : about reels the one in the picture you mentioned looks to be :

    Weifang Leader Kite Co., Ltd. - Hongda chen
    Panying wheel 360 mm (14 inches) or smaller but all based on this arrangement
    INDIA : kiters dealing with fighter kites are using a simple and cheap drum
    SOUTH KOREA : kiters are using traditional bang-pae :'Pae Science
    can be arranged with a number of external elements from 6 to 12 ; out diameter looks to be standard 230 mm (9 inches)
    it works on rotational inertia,...
    JAPAN : difficult to say what they use but something similar to CHINA and something similar to INDIA
    BRAZIL : it seems they they do not care very much about tradition and they have developed solutions focused to performances

    Carretilha De Pipa drum configuration and good diameter 400 - 500 mm (16 to 20 inches,..)

    versions called Manivela - Carretilha - Pipa - combate ; focused of high speed that fighter kite can reach ... 100 and more km/hour; made in wood they have external diameter 500 - 550 mm (20 to 22 inches)

    several movies available in YOU-TUBE

    it is somehow strange but really beautiful to see that different cultures have developed different solutions also for similar problem but difference is a richness, many precious ways,....

    SMAC from Italy
  • Bamboos are a good solution and cheaper then carbon fiber but it depend on how many light need your delta.....
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