Indian Night flights

Flying kites in the late evening is not my first choice….

Indian Night KAP Visakhapatnam

Typically, night flights are the direct consequence of …..working very late…. Such was the case on this hot evening above the Bay of Bengal near Visakhapatnam, India. The wind pulled me along the beach. Searching in the dark for a good place to put a kite up in the air.

Night flights are a great way to relax and shake some the stress of the day into the winds above.

Bright street lights illuminated the water front with white foaming waves moving out of darkness and onto the beach. Just maybe enough light for some KAP!

Indian Night KAP Visakhapatnam

Late into the evening, several hours after sunset, a fair number of people were still walking along the beach….

A small crowd of people quickly gathered in the dark to watch me set up and launch my Levitation Light delta kite into the dark skies above. The Stratospool continues to be a hit with folks in India. Several go to hold the Stratospool and kite line. A few people came up close to watch as I attached my auto KAP rig to the kite line.

Knowing the near darkness would make the Go Pro Hero3 camera near useless I removed it from the auto KAP rig and focused just on the Sony A6000 camera which performs quite well in the dark.

I adjusted the manual exposure to 1/80 second shutter speed, wide open aperture at f 2.8 and ISO set to auto (which ranged from ISO 4000 up to ISO 12,800).

A few minutes later the auto KAP rig was high in the sky above taking in photos of the Visakhapatnam, India cityscape and water front.

Indian Night KAP Visakhapatnam

The Sony A6000 performed well KAPturing a number of sharp images considering the slower shutter speed and limited light.
The view of the waves moving in from the dark Bay of Bengal and onto the beach along with the views of the cityscape were my favorite shots.

Enjoy the photos in this post and in this flickr album.


Indian Night KAP Visakhapatnam


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