Foxshot on Kickstarter

Here's a quirky Kickstarter camera.

37g for unknown MP in time lapse mode and 1080p HD video.

Another test subject for Mr Wells'?!


  • Peeping Tom Special - 12 for $400.
  • i kinda like this idea just put off by the lack off details on camera resolution it does say 1920 * 1080 for HD video. what size a photo is not stated but you would have to think at least 1920 x 1080. sad that only backers get to ask questions or post a comment. i think i'll wait till august the launch date and re look at it.
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    Hi, I have only just spotted this post ;oO

    It is just over twice the weight of the 18g HD808. (poorly adjusted pendulum!)
    but easier to stick on a (bigger) rubbish bag:
    No advantage on a water rocket:
    It could be stuck underneath a drone for vertical work.

    It all depends on the lens, but it should be better than the one on the HD808. However, like many of these configurations, it is probably best used for video.

    The 808 was used on BBC's The Secret Life of the CAT with the lens re-angled (damaging some of the ribbon cables) and, I assume, a larger battery attached. I was able to supply some spares from SNAPS at short notice.

    The HD808 has been popular with the fixed-wing model plane/glider community. There are many poorer quality cameras that look the same.

    HD808 for comparison:
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