KAP and BAP stuff for sale

edited April 2017 in Bits and Pieces
Hi, I have two kites for sale: a skyblue, hardly used, 2 meter Sanjo Rokkaku with carbon frame built by Vlieger Op, and a 3 meter Sanjo Rokkaku with fiber poles.

Besides I have a 3.3 cubic meter Allsopp Helikite for sale. Last used in Death Valley in 2008. This one lifts 1.0kg in zero wind conditions.


I am shipping from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Write me an email if your interested: info(at)gercoderuijter.com


  • The 2 meter Sanjo is sold.
    For the 3 meter Sanjo I am asking 75 euro, for the Helikite 250 euro (ex shipping)
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