Kite Bones

I put my Levitation Light delta kite up into some high winds....results were not good.... Story coming.....

Kite Bones



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    Only a flesh wound, right? Did the winds have a name (like Igor or Katrina)? Seriously, wow! It looks like the spars are mostly intact, you'd better send the DS in for an overhaul... do you need a replacement?

  • The kite comes back in incredible state !
  • Looks like your kite has been hanging in a tree for a long time.
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    Hi Mike-

    If you go back in to ( limited ) production of the DS, please consider adding my name to the list of
    " wanna- be " buyers/users.
    What are you dreaming-up these days?
    Keep up the good work !

  • it seems that the tree that eats kites doesn't like the bones,...

    SMAC from Italy
  • Most have guessed correctly.

    We were enjoying a neighborhood dinner gathering at my neighbor's home when he mentioned that my kite that had been stuck high in his tree for over 4 years had dropped low enough that he could reach it. We both got up from the table and proceeded to his back yard to recover .... the kite ... well .... the kite bones at least.

    This fine Levitation Light delta has been suspended high in my neighbors tree for over 4 years. I missed this kite for years. It contained one of my first Dynamic Spreaders (from Mike LeDuc). The nine foot Levitation Light delta kite is an excellent KAP lifter but needs the Dynamic Spreader (DS) to provide protection from the cross spar splitting and to provide a bit more wind range in the upper end. I have several of Mike's Dynamic Spreaders in my Levitation and Levitation Light delta kites. I never use the stock spreaders (use to be a two part spreader but now is a three part spreader).

    The kite stayed in the tree through 3 hurricanes, multiple gales, Nor'easter, snow storms, hail storms, countless rain storms... The UV rays from the sun did in the fabric.

    The fabric faded away tread by tread. The Dacron bridle and kite line started dark blue but now is a light gray. Branches grew around the kite spars.

    Kite Bones

    As the photos show there is not much left of the kite fabric.

    Kite Bones

    The spars are a totally different story.

    The spars are mostly intact.

    The Dynamic Spreader is in overall excellent shape. This was one of the early "beta" versions of the DS that Mike and were testing out years back (2012-2013). This version does not have the traveler string to keep the center attachment position locked. The shock cord still looks and feels almost new. The P400 SkyShark wrapped graphite tubes look almost new.

    Kite Bones

    I might take your offer Mike and send the Dynamic Spreader back for a tune up and update. If my memory servers me right, these early beta DS had a tenancy to tip the kite one way or the other if the center point got off by a few mm in flight.

    Enjoy the photos and keep flying!


  • By a strange temporal coincidence, my original FlowForm 16 stayed up in a tree (in New Zealand) for 4 years too before being eventually rescued. See here.
  • Tails can be durable too ;o)
    When mine got caught up in a tree, the kite was retrieved but not the tail.
    Consequently, our town's Gala Day has one bit of bunting that is permanent.
  • "That's not good." -- DEADPOOL [2016]
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