4K-capable Theta 360-degree camera

Potential KAP camera.... Ricoh 4K-capable Theta 360-degree camera


Ricoh is showing a prototype Theta 360 camera that can capture 4K clips and live-stream video. In addition to its video capture and streaming capabilities, the Theta concept will also have four microphones, allowing it to capture 'spatial surround-sound audio.'



  • Jim,
    Ricoh is still increasing its production of Theta cameras.
  • I enjoy using my Theta SC for that something a bit different but the technology at this end of the 360 market is way off producing the image quality I'd like to see.

    However, following Jim's link on a couple of clicks via a quick scan of the comments lead me to this which looks to be an interesting concept in terms of pairing cameras.
  • Yi are offering their version YI 360 VR
    Available to oreder for June delivery. 4k video and 5.7k still photo, 2.5k streaming.

    On another note a short while back our local Currys had a pre-release Nikon Keymission display with coming soon plastered all over it. It must have been up for at least a month. I went in 2 weeks ago and the display had been removed to be replaced with other lower end 360 offerings. Most of the reviews I've seen for the Nikon Key Mission 360 have been awful, pity really as the spec was not too bad.

    I've been very pleased with the LG 360 Cam, especially after the latest software update in March. Mounted on top of my decorator's pole it's giving quite good results. Here are my latest takes:- Magpie Mine. All done with the pole. The video is hand held and not brilliant but a workround is under way to solve that.

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