The Archaeological Kite Aerial Photography Group (UK and Ireland) - Register of KAPers

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The Archaeological Kite Aerial Photography Group
(UK & Ireland)
A register of kite aerial photographers with an interest in archaeology and/or heritage.

Those listed can describe themselves as registered kite aerial photographers (Reg.K.A.P).
We are always interested to hear from KAPers who would like to be considered for inclusion on the register. The register is available for all to see including national and statutory bodies.
The register is maintained by the West Lothian Archaeological Trust, Scottish Charity SC043118. The Trust also manages the KARS Facebook page:

National bodies relating to heritage in the UK are slowly formalising their drone regulations. Some are not differentiating between kites and drones. I have raised this before. So, there is the potential of having all the restrictions of drones without the advantages of the higher height limit and of being able to fly as readily with ones feet offsite. You do not need permission if you are not stood on the property being imaged.

In the UK, as probably elsewhere, we are officially seen as flying 'uncontrolled' aircraft and are of equivalent status to a kid flying a kite. The day one buys a drone (as an amateur) and opens the box, everything is different. The regulations for amateurs very much favour drone pilots. This is rather annoying when your charitable trust is there to encourage kite aerial photography and you have spent tens of thousands of pounds on promoting its aims.

The Archaeological KAP Group and Trust are an attempt to gain a wider formal recognition for KAP and the associated technology and applications. In low-level archaeological remote sensing, it is the amateur who has the advantage, over the professional, to visit sites when conditions are optimal. This is especially true for thermal imaging.

West Lothian Archaeological Trust:

The object of the Trust is to advance heritage and science by

(a) Investigating (with emphasis on non-invasive techniques), recording and publicising (by publication and presentation) the archaeological/heritage sites of West Lothian, and elsewhere.

(b) Promoting the use of kite aerial photography as a low-cost, inclusive, environmentally friendly technique for archaeological/heritage photography and promoting the use of any other techniques which may be deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

(c) Running and maintaining an archaeological website ( as part of an associated community and heritage website (

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