Copyright / Copytheft

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Nice display of OUR images...
... but no credits whatsoever :-(

Greetings, Hans.

Edit: Sorry, just saw that it 'borrows' the images from a very old article (also without clear credits)...


  • Sh1tty feed more like.
  • I think those which are watermarked (which thankfullly are not cropped off) can be traced back to their originator. So credit of a kind is made.
    All the images have been placed in the public domain via Flickr or similar platforms. Unfortunately once an image is posted there is very little that can be done to prevent a screen grab becomming 'public property'.

    Moral: if you want the world to see your work be prepared to see it in the world's pocket!

  • I.m.o it would not be terribly difficult for a blogger just to mention the name of the photographer.
    Just being polite, it would make 'social' media a bit more social...

    Moral: don't worry, be happy. And fly high of course ;-)
    Cheers, Hans

  • Make contact, be a bit arsey about the lack of accreditation. Point out that KAP has been a 'thing' since the 19th century and that she is late to the party in blogging such a crazy idea as hanging a camera from a kite line. Also point out that blogging about KAP has been done hundreds of times in the last 10 years (not sure if that is true!) which would suggest that she is the worst grade of copycat bloggers.

    Harsh maybe. But in 2017 these people should be more courteous when attempting to be WWW content creators. They are not creating content at all, just riding on others efforts.

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