Yosemite flying allowed?

Does anyone know if kite flying is allowed in Yosemite National Park?

I've been googling for half an hour and can't find ANYTHING for or against....

Has anyone tried and gotten stopped by a ranger?


  • Only this, which is vague enough to include kites in the ban:


    I'd imagine their main concern with kites is getting lines and kites stuck in trees or other irretrievable spaces. There are a lot of trees and they probably don't want to encourage it considering the sheer number of visitors they get.

    Rangers are pretty localized near roads and popular areas. If you are in the back country no one would be around to notice or stop you. If you're at Glacier Point on a weekend, they'd probably ask you to take it down.
  • Thanks for the info tgran!

    I confidently assumed drones were outlawed. Couldn't find any info on kites.
    The language in the link doesn't seem to cover kites.

    I do agree the biggest risk is getting kites stuck in trees... hence why I am looking around carefully before attempting it.
    Rangers in Yosemite in pretty strict because of the site's popularity and the sheer number of people coming and going each day.

    I was there this weekend and had to inform a neighboring camper that he couldn't burn the huge pile of sticks and twigs he and his buddies had gathered.... DOH! haha
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