KAP shot takes second place in Aerial Photo Competition

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From news.com.au, May 20:

“Run by SkyPixel in partnership with Tourism Australia and DJI, the Australia from Above competition attracted more than 6000 entries from Australian and international photographers.

A photo of Perth’s Secret Harbour by Al Edgar (skysnaps99) took out second spot for its “mesmerising composition, detail and colour”. “The competition had a lot of top down shots over jettys and ocean but this one stood out above them all,” said judge Tom Rex Jessett.”

There are a few handy prizes too including a DJI drone! I must admit to owning a few drones already and spending countless hours flying them, but for sheer lifting power a kite is hard to beat. This shot was taken with a Sony A6000 using a 45mm Minolta lens. All up, well over a kilo of gear in the air for over an hour. You'd need a fairly big drone to do that!

But on the other hand, I'm very happy to try my hand with the new drone when the wind isn't up to the KAP task. Anyway, to capitalise on the event I launched my website on the weekend: www.skysnaps99photography.com hope you find time to take a look.

Cheers, Al


  • Well deserved, Al!

    Fantastic website that really shows off your skill at capturing action shots and your superbly engineered rigs.
  • WOW, great shot,

    well done

    SMAC from Italy
  • Big congrats.
  • Wonderful shot and award!

    Glad you are giving the drone world a run for their awards.

    Good luck with the drone flights!

  • great pic
  • Many thanks for your kind words gentlemen, specially to Dave for his generous praise of my amateur web building skills.

    By using the heavy lifting ability of kites and the technology created for drones, we KAPers get the better deal with our higher resolution cameras. The competition judge commented on the detail in the shot and this is one area where the bigger and better camera excels.

    It might be due to experience, but to me KAPing is usually a very relaxing pastime but I'm yet to reach that comfort zone in flying a drone. In a good wind I rarely look at the kite as the line in my hand tells all I need to know, this leaves me free to focus on photography. Drone flights however, are high anxiety events with little time for photography and most of the time spent looking for the drone!

    Once again guys, thanks for your kind words, Al

  • Amazing and wonderful pictures displayed on your website, you deserve the award.
    Your rigs are fine craft. The three axis gimpball rig looks like a jewell. Great work on both photography and making skills.

    I do appreciate.

    Christian from France
  • Inspirational work, I concur with the comment on lifting power and image quality, a tip of the hat to you Al!

  • Fantastic shots! Congrats
  • Many thanks to Christian, Bill and Komjathy for your generous comments.

    DJI, the drone manufacture who sponsored the competition, got in touch with me today asking for a Hi-Res copy of the photo. They wanted it for a drone magazine that is hoping to do a full page spread on each of the top 3 photos.

    With trepidation, I responded that although they could have the image as requested, the shot was taken with a kite rather than a drone.

    Fully expecting that they wouldn’t put a KAP shot in a drone magazine, I was amazed when they came back to me say that it was ‘cool’ and they would do an article on the increasing popularity of aerial photography and it would fit in well!

    Who would have ‘thunk’ it?

  • Great shot and congratulations !
  • Awesome shot - you might submit it to surfing mags too.
  • edited July 2017
    Featured here:
    without any credit.
    I added a caption.
  • Nice shot and congratulation! It's nice to receive recognition for our work. :-)
  • Thanks for your kind words Michel2e, Larry and Yvon and thanks also to John for adding the KAP credit to the Facebook page.

    To follow up on the story above, Drone Magazine Australia reproduced the shot in their Issue No. 5 (just published) and I have to say they have done the image proud.

    It was beautifully printed over two pages on thick glossy paper with full photographic credit given to me as skysnaps99.

    KAP shot in Drone Magazine
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