DJI Spark $499 - This is maybe one for the curious KAPer who doesn't want to spend big on a drone.

Just putting it out there! Even you hardcore KAPers can't ignore this, surely?! The DJI Spark.

1080 HD and 12MP camera (with raw/DNG capability I understand for those 'tinkerers' out there).

It seems many features seen on the higher end small DJI drones (Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro) are included, such as crash avoidance sensoring and certain video shooting modes like circling or following a target.

I've been droning for 4 years now, and this little device might be the most impressive step forward so far.


  • Well... what they don't show you in that video is how people hate drones in public places.
    Most all parks completely out-law them and people get uneasy when you fly them over their heads.
  • DJI don't seem to care about such things as their advertising shows!
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