Hello everyone, my name is Mike and I'm a new member. Thank you for allowing me to join.

I am a novice kite flier, usually flying kites that require 150-200lb line.

I am wondering if anyone has a Strato-spool or similar reel in good condition that they would like to sell. I am happy to buy new but despite exhaustive searches on the web I cannot find a vendor, either a business or individual, who makes these reels. I myself do not have the aptitude to make something like this.

I would appreciate any help with this request.

Thank you for this forum.


  • Welcome MikeMSMD !

    it could be helpful to know where is your location,... would make feasibility of the shipment easier

    WW (WindWatcher) probably cannot because he has just the 20 units that is the minimum for surviving in the high level activity he's doing,....

    wish you a good wind

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thank you. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
  • Hi Mike, Welcome to the KAP Discussion Forum!

    I have two Stratospools that are set up for larger kites with 150 lbs Dacron line. Both are in excellent shape with metal collapsible handles and collapsible main bar. I build 1 or two Stratspools every year (mostly for fun) thus I am willing to part with these fine reels.

    Send me a private note if you are interested. I live near Philly. Could ship to Indy no problem.

  • These fine Stratospools now have a new owner!


    Stratospools on the Move

    Stratospools on the Move
  • Very kind of you to part with them, Jim, and I'm sure the new owner will be delighted with those beautiful objects. But don't be surprised if you get more requests now, which no doubt you'll have to turn down.
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