Hey guys...heading to St Severan, near Bergerac in the south of france next week...taking kites and camera etc, just wondered if there are any rules and regs over there which are different to the uk? Thanks in advance!


  • Just finishing my week here. Need to customise a levi lightto go in a 50cm long space!
  • good luck hope it all goes well for you :)
  • Hi Tim
    Did you get to fly during the week.
    We flew yesterday fur the first time during WWKW 2017. We KAPtured 2 churches and the Eckmül lighthouses in Brittany. Great KAPing weather. Ken got to fly the kite and rig at the second church. We went up the 66m high lighthouse earlier today with great KAP type views of the area. :-)

    Fly High (in an aeroplane today?)

  • Thanks Chardie - Sue, I didn't fly the whole week...not successfully anyway. Area was heavily wooded and very hilly so wind was swirling everywhere, and very unsuitable for a soft kite, which was the only one that I took (flowform 8).

    I would like to customise a levi light to pack into my 55cm long cabin suitcase. Has anyone done this? Cheers
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    Really?? Has no one made a travel-sized levi?
  • SueSue
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    Can the spars go in on the diagonal? That would give you a bit more length.
    I used Levi spars for my 2m Dopero when I went to KA2016. Mind you it was a big suitcase!!
    Fly High

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