Advice sought on power sled repair kit items

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At present, I only have Power Sled type kites (3). Two are Boston Big Game Fishing club kites ( BBG on fishing websites) and one Premier PS 14. The 14 is just a fuzz larger than the others.
I have only had one "learning opportunity/failure" so far. One of the BBG kites had a spar work it's way through the stitching on the seam of it's sleeve. It made for an exciting series of tight loops to the side of the collapse followed by an impressive piledriver to ground. I was able to fish it back into the sleeve but it quickly found it's way out again.There is a nice end cap over the slender fiberglass(?) rod. I was thinking of possibly piggybacking progressively larger caps over the existing cap to fatten it up a bit before sewing the seam tighter? Maybe some type of webbing over the sleeve ends?
Right now I have no repair kit and it has become evident that needs to change.
¿Suggestions from veteran Power Sledders out there?


  • Hi Clueless,

    for a DIY Powersled I have used for the tips of fiberglass slim rods some heat shrink sleeves, the ones normally used as electrical insulation for electric - electronics
    better to leave the tip extended some few millimeters; it is possible to double so first an heat shrink sleeve - heat - fit another over the first one - heat again

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thank you,
    That is a great idea! Easily utilized in the field, as well.
    Very nice work on your kites in the album. Excellent craftsmanship.
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