Canon A570IS - "D.O.A." {Dead On Activation}?

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I use my A570IS as a regular hand-held camera, as well as for KAP. Up to a few weeks ago, it WAS working fine.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I tried using it and NOTHING happened. The batteries were okay, so that is not the problem. I went through all the "Troubleshooting" steps in the owner manual I downloaded a while back, but NONE of those steps helped.

I have two questions for everyone here:

(1) If the "button battery" is dead, will that prevent the camera from switching on?

(2) There is a small "tab" under the battery cover that I noticed is broken. This MAY have been broken for a while now. But if it is recent, could this be causing my problem? {See the photo below - I am pointing to the tab with my pen.}


{EDIT: I initially posted this through my p.o.s. notsosmartphone, sitting in my pickup, in the parking lot of my work place. [Yes, I think I am a closet masochist.] I could NOT get the attached photo to ATTACH correctly until just now, using my laptop at home, which I was NOT able to do until after midnight.}


  • 1. if the button battery is dead or missing you just get asked to set the date and time each time you start the camera the past (on an old 570 I no longer have) I've had problems with the battery contacts on the hinged flap door not making proper contact with the battery. I seem to remover lifting then slightly with a small screwdriver to try to fix things.
  • Time to " quit beating a dead horse " ?

    Hop on over to e-bay and pick up an s95 or s100.
    Nothing like being in the field, finally out and ready to KAP, and the camera that you know is
    going to fail, fails !

    With most of the newer cameras you will be switching over to a re-chargeable, proprietary battery.
    Fear not, they are cheap, and reliable, aftermarket.

  • I used to use an A590IS and the battery lid never closed quite as it should, but it always worked so I'm not convinced that's the failure point.

    I agree with Paul that a 2nd hand S100 would be an excellent investment. I haven't flown mine for a while, but the image quality against that of much newer cameras still holds strong.
  • THANK YOU for your replies. SORRY that I have not replied before now.

    FWIW: I tend to prefer to hang onto stuff I have used if it continues functioning properly, versus constantly "upgrading". That probably comes from when I was growing up. Due to lack of $$$, I had to "scrounge" electronnics versus outright purchasing new items.

    ALSO: Even if I switch to a newer KAP camera, this little Canon is nice just as a daily carry around camera.
  • Many paths
    Will lead you to the same destination.
    Why choose the one with rocks and brambles ?

    You just need to choose your preferred.
    Do you want to curate broken cameras,
    or Kapture photos from the sky ?

    Hate to admit it,
    I'm still able to do both!
  • I still have my A570IS and it still works. After crashing it in Texas, the battery door was twisted. The fix has been to keep the door taped down with electrical tape. I switched to an S100 for KAP several years ago but now my rig wiring is not working. I suspect a short somewhere in the light sensor. It was much easier to attached the wiring to the A570IS so I might go back to it if I ever do KAP again.

  • Many of the canon cameras have a tiny microswitch by the door which detects whether the door is open or not (or located properly), I seem to recall having occasional problems with the switch in the past but cannot remember which camera. the switch may be attached to the tab to the right of the memory card in the photo.
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