how to.trigger.a Sony A5000

For those of you using the Sony A5000 for KAP, how do you trigger the camera to take pictures?

I bought one for evaluation and I can't find any information on how to trigger it except pressing the shoot button.



  • Thanks Phil,
    I see that the Sony A5000 is supported by Gentle but in the A5000 manual, I don't see any reference to a remote control input (infrared nor a switch). How does it do it?

    Yvon H.

  • Hi Yvon,

    the Gentwire is plugged into the camera via the multiport socket - easier and more reliable than infrared control, I'd guess.

  • You need to look at Sony's Playmemories website. You can download apps there to load into the camera, including one for time lapse.
  • Thanks for the info. :-)

    So far it's looking good for the Sony A5000 as my new KAP camera. Lighter than my Canon T4i and more resolution than my little Canon A590IS.

    Still a few tests to do.
  • I've found the A5000 to be an excellent purchase. If you get a 'fast' memory card then you'll be able to shoot raw images on the fastest intervalometer setting with ease - every 3 seconds. The only downside is that I think you are limited to 999 shots at a time.
  • I use the CamRemote to trigger the Gent IR peanut which triggers the IR remote sensor on the Sony A6000 (same setup on the A5000 and A5100). All three are excellent KAP cameras. I experimented with early versions of the Sony in camera apps but moved away from them.....primarily because the intervolemeter set the exposure based on the first shot and used the same exposure settings for all the remaining shots.... Not practical given the wide and every changing light with KAP. I can not speak for the later versions of the app which may have fixed this significant flaw. The IR remote configuration setup on the camera is buried deep in the menu choices and is sometimes hard to find.

    Enjoy the A5000.

  • Thanks guys. :-)
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