how to.trigger.a Sony A5000

For those of you using the Sony A5000 for KAP, how do you trigger the camera to take pictures?

I bought one for evaluation and I can't find any information on how to trigger it except pressing the shoot button.



  • Thanks Phil,
    I see that the Sony A5000 is supported by Gentle but in the A5000 manual, I don't see any reference to a remote control input (infrared nor a switch). How does it do it?

    Yvon H.

  • Hi Yvon,

    the Gentwire is plugged into the camera via the multiport socket - easier and more reliable than infrared control, I'd guess.

  • You need to look at Sony's Playmemories website. You can download apps there to load into the camera, including one for time lapse.
  • Thanks for the info. :-)

    So far it's looking good for the Sony A5000 as my new KAP camera. Lighter than my Canon T4i and more resolution than my little Canon A590IS.

    Still a few tests to do.
  • I've found the A5000 to be an excellent purchase. If you get a 'fast' memory card then you'll be able to shoot raw images on the fastest intervalometer setting with ease - every 3 seconds. The only downside is that I think you are limited to 999 shots at a time.
  • I use the CamRemote to trigger the Gent IR peanut which triggers the IR remote sensor on the Sony A6000 (same setup on the A5000 and A5100). All three are excellent KAP cameras. I experimented with early versions of the Sony in camera apps but moved away from them.....primarily because the intervolemeter set the exposure based on the first shot and used the same exposure settings for all the remaining shots.... Not practical given the wide and every changing light with KAP. I can not speak for the later versions of the app which may have fixed this significant flaw. The IR remote configuration setup on the camera is buried deep in the menu choices and is sometimes hard to find.

    Enjoy the A5000.

  • Thanks guys. :-)
  • Hi all,
    I'm working on modifying my latest rig to use this Sony A5000 camera. I already KAPped once with it and I got mixed results.

    I find it difficult to adjust the focus because there's no view finder. I prefer to use the manual focus to prevent the camera from focusing on the kite line when in front of the camera and make sure that the camera focuses on what I want to photograph.

    I can set the display in sunlight mode where the backlight is boosted but, to fine tune the focus, it's not enough even if the camera gives a zoomed image where trying to focus.

    I usually set the aperture to f/8 and the shutter speed to 1/1000th. I could close the aperture even more to increase the field of depth but I'll have to slow down the shutter speed. With the gusty winds that we almost always get here, 1/1000th is the lowest I can go to keep the pictures clear.

    Any suggestions?

  • A trick I like to do with my a5100 is to set the '?' button to switch between manual/auto focus.
    I then focus on something far in auto and twitch it over to manual. If you don't bump it, it'll stay right where you had just auto focus it to.

    You can also just use continuous auto so it's always focusing... but I guess then it might also just be grabbing the string even more.

    Also, fyi, the A series sony cameras don't have IR control. They only have wifi and an extra proprietary bit on the back of the usb socket.
    I made my own electronics to trigger it. I used two schmitt triggers (using op-amp circuit) to read the hobby radio pwm output and go from off->shutter lock->shutter trigger.

    Here's a VERY useful bit of info I found when making my design.

    The final pcb construction. You can see the radio input on left side and the open pins will connect to the camera's usb cable.

    Circuit diagram. (two of these are used)

    The squiggly line is the smoothed out radio pwm signal coming from receiver. As it goes up when I move the controller knob, the focus lock triggers (purple line), then the shutter trigger (blue).
  • Thanks for the information. I just programmed the "?" button to the focus mode menu. I think this might solve my problem. Also, I might slow down the shutter speed to get a clearer image when focusing and then change it back to 1/1000th.

    Interesting circuit you did to trigger the camera. Thanks for sharing. My new kap rig already has the proper signals that I'm feeding through the USB extra connections. I'll post some photos once everything is properly setup.
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