The Register of Kite Aerial Photographers and Remote Sensing Specialists (UK & Ireland)

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The Register is now more inclusive and will now include anyone using kites as an aerial platform in remote sensing.
It is important that organisations are aware of KAPers and that kites are not drones!

We hope to establish concessions for those on the register.

Sometime in the future, is there a case for expanding the list to include those outside the United Kingdom and Ireland?

Kite Aerial Remote Sensing


  • John - what do I need to do to get on the register?
  • Hi Dave,
    Just send me an entry for posting preferably with a photo of yourself.
    A link like you have on would be nice too.
  • John,

    Here is a picture for my entry on the register, taken from the rig as I unhitched it from the line. I have many foot and leg 'selfies' but this is a rare portrait of a man at work...


    ..with my head in the clouds!

  • Great shot Bill!
    Will do ;o)
  • Registered KAPers now up to 40, mainly heritage/archaeology related. Still more to include looking at the UK contingent on:

    I am now seeing if I can pull in the geo-remote sensing KAP specialists. They are a bit more elusive.
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