Gimbal FEIYU mini 3D - mini 3D PRO; who knows ? any KAP direct experience ?

I thank in advance who can give some advice or opinion on subject; this specific matter is totally dark to me,...

I'm doing almost always autoKAP with RICOH GR or other camera but a recent second hand GoPro with WI-FI is so simple and easy to use that for quick KAP looks and is attractive (I do not like the fish-eye distorsion but,...)

Gimbal mentioned in subject could be interesting for controlling the frame view with 115 - 200 euros cost ; what is an experience about this ? what is necessary to add as further device for view - control ?

SMAC from Italy


  • I understand that this matter is not so interesting for most KAPers,..

    But PLEASE be so kind for a newbie in this matter to suggest a LIST of components that would be necessary for view and change of direction from ground

    the GIMBAL
    battery pack
    TX - RX transmission module ?
    antennas ?
    video receiver ?
    control console ?
    other ?

    there is a stunning offer of product but for example Hobby King has near one thousand items on FPV; I'm getting lost, never seen directly one, never touched,...


    SMAC from Italy
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    Please refer to the following post, although is in mandarin, but from the photos, you will be able to figure out same basis idea of using mini 3D PRO for KAP.

    This PDF will show you how to connect battery, Video downlink etc.

    Please note that only mini 3D PRO can allow you to rotate more the 360 degree.
    Please note that mini 3D PRO only support Gopro 3 & 4

    If you need to remotely control your Gopro camera via RC (shutter, change mode to Video/Photo/Interval etc.) will explain to you later....


  • Many thanks @ErichChew,

    the infos given are already clarifying some basic doubts

    the idea is to use 3D PRO version with GoPro HERO plus LCD that should be equivalent to HERO 3

    every information that can be added and comments on experience is greately welcome and a positive help

    SMAC from Italy
  • Ciao ti rispondo in Italiano che mi viene facile........
    Ho costruito l’anno scorso un gimbal per GoPro 3 ....
    Punti a favore:
    Stabilità, fluidità dei movimenti, rotazione continua, sistema già pronto
    Punti a sfavore:
    Peso (tra batterie, video ecc aumenta molto), fragilità
    Ad oggi non lo rifarei uso la GoPro con il sistema di Bieck compatto e faccio tutto quello che voglio....per la distorsione la correggi in post produzione.
    Per maggiori dettagli e chiedi pure, vedo di postare qualche foto, in questi giorni stò risistemando il laboratorio e non riesco, a presto
  • @andreacasalboni

    Thanks, grazie

    SMAC from Italy
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    Hi. I'm new to the site and new to KAP as well. I just started last month. I had a chance to experiment with a gimbal last week. The outcome was pretty decent. You can see a video here.

    The gimbal i chose was the Feiyu Tech FY-WG 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal. I chose this one because it has a standard tripod mount on it that i have other uses for. I did do some minor post production editing to stable the shot a little further, but it was pretty close to what you see right out of the camera.

    I'm using an ITW Parafoil 10 as my lifter. The windspeed was around 12mph at the time of shooting. I flew the gimbal about 150 feet below the kite to reduce line bounce.

    The mini3D looks like an easy setup. I wish i would have seen it sooner.

  • Wonderfully peaceful video emmet - and the music is an added bonus.
  • Very nice video, emmett, and as Dave said, the music is great. Are you using the Parafoil 10 with the silly little drogue that comes with it? I found that useless and replaced it with a long fuzzy/fringed tail, which not only looks 100% better, but also gives more stable flight.

  • So far I'm still using the drogue. It does have some side to side stability issues during takeoff but once its up it seems to do the job ok. I plan on swapping to a fuzzy tail though for that reason.
  • Erich, in your post from July 18 you write that, if you need to remotly control your Gopro camera by radio control (shutter, change mode to Video/Photo/interval etc.) will explain to you later.
    Can you explain that to me. I do have an Gopro Hero4 and want this to control by RC.

  • thanks to all,

    @emmet : the movie is really nice and quite stable, congrats

    Note : it is a bit strange that for months no reactions and now more comments... ok ok

    SMAC from Italy
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