KAP in Brittany, 2017

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This was Ken's second KAP experience (the first was at KAPiCa16 with Jim Powers)


We were at a little Breton Church famed for its calvary which had 100 figures on it showing the life of Christ round it on two levels. This is visible on the photo on the left hand side with people clustered round it.


The house in the Rock, Menaham, Brittany



Towards the end of our extensive holiday traveling round part of the coast of Brittany we visited this site on the North coast. I had seen KAP photos of a house built between rocks and when I saw that we would be passing this one it was a good chance to KAPture one for myself. It was a perfect KAP day with a clean wind along the coast. The sun was shining (as it had done for most of our 6 week holiday in France) and there was plenty of space and very few people. Ken's assistance in the long line launch and then as a spotter for direction over the house and rocks was a great help. I first used the "New tilt rig" which, with fully charged batterie, worked for a change. I used the Ricoh GR and we concentrated on taking the house and its surrounding rocks from various angles. His system of hand signals worked and when I was satisfied I would have enough photos to choose from, I added the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera in its simple string rig using the Android ThetaS app on my phone to trigger it.
I'll post some of the Ricoh GR photos later.

Point de Primel, Brittany


On our last weekend in Brittany we went to a little kite festival at the Point de Primel. I'd seen it in the French version of kite calendar and when we arrived we found a good 'emplacement' on the camping next to the festival field. (you can see the camping and the marquees in the 360° photo) we then went to find the "responsable" person so we could fly and join in the festival. We were welcomed and given permission to fly along with a large badge on a lanyard. Then we were given tickets for a drand a crepe each for both days as well as for the evening 'repas' and for a sandwich for Sunday lunch. :-) :-) The French know how to put on a festival of any kind!!

More of this later

Fly High



  • 360s looks great!
  • SueSue
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    Thanks Kevin. It's fun to see the whole area in one photo. I took some on the traditional sailing boat we went on during the Semaine du Golfe traditional sailing boat week in the Bay of Morbihan. Laurence Ott, (LoKAP) a female KAPer from Nantes, France, had arranged for us all to go sailing on two day during the week. We both did a little KAP session near to the campsite one evening as there was a little Jesuit church nearby. The wind was light and the sun in the wrong direction but we KAPed anyway on that beautiful evening after the sailing had finished.

    Fly High

  • SueSue
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    Earlier in the week we first KAPed a little church by the coast not then the " Phare de Eckmühl" lighthouse when the tide had come in. This is us winding down! (the kite) at the church.



  • Thanks Sue,

    beautiful places and pictures, well done !

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thanks Sandro.
  • SUE: I just looked at the 360° panarama. That building REALLY IS in the rocks!

    Looks like the views from their windows would be a bit bland...LOL
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