An award winning film which incorporates KAP

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The Caterthuns are the site of two prehistoric hillforts perched on the periphery of the Grampian Mountains in Angus, Scotland. To climb these monuments is the best way to experience a landscape shaped by thousands of years of changing culture, and yet to witness the full complexity and scale of the hillforts requires a view from the air.


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  • Very interesting.
  • Larry,
    In relation to Kieran's work above, have a look at:
    with some familiar faces ;o)

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  • Clever techniques. I'm reminded of Ron Howard's "Angels and Demons" where they shot video and stills in St. Peter's and the square, when the Vatican would not allow filming of a Dan Brown book there. With green screen they created credible interiors and exteriors from the material shot earlier without permission.
  • John Wells posted:
    In relation to Kieran's work above, have a look at:

    Cris Benton: GREAT WORK!!!
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