2D Phone Goggles for WiFi Link to Camera

There are many 3D phone goggles out there. Some are very cheap.

But are there any goggles that allow you to see the full screen of a phone without splitting it into two?


  • I've seen FPV goggles for drones and RC aircrafts, but they have a composite video in or built-in receiver. Then you would require a WiFi device with video out.
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    Hi Carl,
    I have seen those too, especially for drone racing. A simple WiFi link to my phone would be useful at times.
    The lenses can be removed from conventional 3D goggles, along with the visual field divider, and a fresnel lens cut to replace them, but there should be something out there ready made.
    Such goggles would also be handy in general use for those with certain types of visual impairment, including real-time visual field magnification (using the phone's camera) for both near and far.
    I will keep looking.
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    Just found this:

    MOGO - Immersive Cinematic Experience for 2D video


    So, I expect that cheaper clones may soon be available.

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