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Hi I'm still messing around with KAP on and off, mainly with my original rig using a Lumix. The RC rig I built for the Canon S120 hasn't seen much use, as without a video downlink its nigh on impossible to know what it's looking at when at height. I've got together the bits for a downlink (transmitter, receiver, screen and batteries etc) but don't seem to be able to get a video output from the S120. Can anyone advise if this is possible and how? Preferably without any major alteration to the camera. The alternative is to use a minicam, which I have, but it's obviously preferable to use an image directly from the camera, in addition to the weight saving.
Regards Mike


  • From a quick look on the web, it seems the S120 video out is the same as the S100 I have. There's an 'enhanced' USB socket which accepts two different cables - a standard USB one (for connecting the camera to a computer) and special A/V one (for connecting the camera to a TV). To transmit video you need the second type (AVC-DC400ST) which has three phono plugs on the other end - video comes out of the yellow one (see this article). You can obviously cut down the cable - removing the wires that go to the two audio plugs.

    If you also want to use CHDK or SDM to trigger the shutter via USB then you have a more complex problem of finding a plug that will give to access to both video and the standard USB power pins. Let me know if that's the case and I'll add some notes here.
  • Dave
    Thanks for this. Am I correct in assuming that the video output is what the camera is seeing in real time and not just for playback and can therefore be used be used for framing RC shots.
    I bought the S120 wrongly assuming CHDK/SDM could be used for the shutter. The set up I have now uses a micro servo for this presently controlled by a ClickPAN-PRO. So this isn't a particular problem.
    I've followed your Arduino project with interest as it offers the advantage of being able to revert to Auto, which to me is the best of both worlds. Thanks again. Mike
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    Just looked at the S120 manual. On page 172 it does mention using a TV in live mode. But if you get the AVC-DC4000ST cable you can make sure by connecting it to a TV - they are available on ebay in the UK for 8 pounds.
  • Cable delivered yesterday. Trialling with TV works as hoped. Through lens view displayed as video on TV and when shutter depressed image is recorded to camera memory. Just need to get it all into the existing rig which looks like it will need some mods as camera socket, and hence plug, are nearly in line with tilt axis! A right angled plug would help but I'm sure I've seen that these are not available and have to be cannibalised from a straight plug. 11 pin mini USB straight plugs don't seem common either. Thanks again. Mike
  • Hi Mike-

    I wouldn't give up yet on the right angle plug. Have you checked E-bay thoroughly ?
    While you may find one, bear in mind it adds one more component to the system.
    Which can fail. You might want to buy a spare. I did !

  • I can now confirm that the cable worked as hoped. The yellow phono plug of the three being the video out. The Canon cable appears at first sight to be three core, but each of these has two cores. The video out is yellow and black inside. Hope this of help to anyone else using a Canon S120.
    I'm presently using a RC805 receiver and Retevis security tester for a screen. The screen is disappointing in any amount of sunlight even with a deep card screen around it. Can anyone advise if the G-Teng receiver any better? It would certainley be easier to manage physically with the RC I'm using. Mike
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