Hello from Wroclaw, Poland!

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My name is Jacek and I live and work in Wroclaw, SW Poland. A few years ago (in 2014) me and my friend have decided to buy a kite (we've chosen flowform "Fotokite 180" from polish manufacturer Ikar). We'd tried to use it as a platform for measurements of vertical profiles of air temperature. Several months later when I was looking for some articles about scientific use of kites I discovered PhD thesis of Miron Bogacki (miron). His work has initiated my serious interest in aerial photography. I could say that I was bitten by the KAP bug by then!

In 2015 I've bought KAP rig with AuRiCo control (originally made by Brooxes, bought in Ikar webshop). A year later I decided to change simple plastic wheel winder - in chinese EmmaKites shop I've found nice piece of equipment (32cm Aluminum Kite Reel). In April this year I've bought Olympus Tough TG-4 camera and change my old Olympus VR-310 which I used in my first attempts of doing photographs from the air. Finally I have the KAP set right for my needs, with nice kite and camera control. Easier operation of this set coused that I almost every day check for wind forecasts and plan next flights ;)

Another reason is that in 2013 I've started to work in Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography at University of Wroclaw, where my main field of interest is remote sensing and photogrammetry. I hope I could now combine nice hobby with my work ;)

You can find some of my first photos in my gallery of Olympus Club Forum website. I hope that in time that gallery will grow.


  • Welcome the KAP forum!

    We have several KAPers from Poland on this forum including a famous kite maker, Piotr from BKT.

    You will find a wealth of information on this forum and based on your post above, it looks like you have explored these pages before.

    My work travel has me in Poland (Warsaw) area the first week of December....perhaps a KAP meet up in the future!


  • Wind Watcher,

    Yes, this forum was and still is, one of the best source of information about KAP. What is important for me that this webpage is frequently visited and one can find ongoing discussions almost every day. Right now, with my own KAP set ready to fly I hope I could join the discussions and share my experiences acquired every flight with other KAPers.

    The beginning of December is the middle of the fall semester, so I would be stuck at work until Christmas time... But if you would have spare time for traveling, don't hesitate and visit Wroclaw - the city is definitely worth seeing :)
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