Help needed - video out pentax WG-1

Hey guys - been a while...Ive been very unwell again, and completely AWOL...but back at work again now, and recovering well!

We have a large feature on site (archaeological) thats going to take a few months to fully excavate, and we want to do some time lapse. The only camera available for this is a pentax WG-1. Does anyone know if I can get live view down to a screen working on this camera, like I can with my (non waterproof) canons?

Really hope someone can help!




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    Hi Tim,
    I could say RTFM. According to p183 of the manual here:

    It does.

  • Hi Bill...I did RTFM. I dont have the av cable and I was hoping someone had tested out whether it was just for image playback - im not sure it will offer live view.
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    typically if there's live view output the manual mentions it in the section on connecting to a TV. This is certainly true of Canon manuals where the presence or absence of a such mention is an accurate indication of whether it is supported.

    I note that the Pentax manual around page 183 does NOT make such a mention, so I suspect live view output is not supported. Further evidence for this is the fact that the manual for the Pentax W90 says that only playback is supported for HDMI output, implying that that camera does support standard AV output for live view (people here have confirmed that this is true).

    PS Reading the WG-1 manual again, it does say "By using the supplied AV cable (I-AVC7), you can capture and play back images on equipment with a video IN jack, such as a TV."
  • I'm glad your on the mend again Tim and thinking about I KAPing again.

    My Pentax W90 can be connected to the 5.2ghz transmitter and the live output seen on the monitor.
    The same connector is used by the Ricoh GR for live output to the monitor.

    Connectors don't cost much and as long as you get an A/V output one, you can try it out for yourself then send the bill to the council !! :-)

    Then you can Fly High with confidence !

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